Symphony Of Lights- Blinkin' Binkies 2013

Today we went to Blinkin' Binkies at the Symphony of Lights Festival. It's the only time you can go to walk through and view the lights~ So much better than just driving through. Plus i definitely got my workout for the day...or week. Lol. We came here last year with Max and i think he enjoyed it this year. He was quiet for the whole walk! He just kept staring all the lights~ Just something about them + the holiday season= something magical. Especially when you have young children and you just see the spark in their eyes cause everything is so new to them..
This year, it was pretty warm out so it was nice taking our time walking. But last year was really freaking cold! Not sure if i'll be going next year since i'll have an infant and all, but i'll def come again in 2015 and make it a tradition for our family! :) 

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  1. It's like a little winter wonderland around here! <3


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