4th of July

What a long weekend! Tuesday felt like a Monday and bam, it's Thursday! Good thing- the week is short. Bad thing- the week is short and i have lots to catch up on. The weekend was spent with family so i can't complain! This is our 2nd year in a row we haven't went out to see some fireworks! Mainly because Nathan is such a bad listener and loves to run around and be crazy! Plus the weather called for rain so i didn't want to get poured on~ 

This year hubs parents were in town and were leaving the day after so we just went to his brother's house to just hang out with his parents and the kids can spend more time with their cousins. We invited my sister and her family and my dad over to come spend time together, too. Very chill and laid back type of forth for us this year. It was actually pretty nice! Minus the not being able to go out to see fireworks. At least the kids got to go crazy with poppers and light some sparklers! :) Little moments and joy on the kids face is all that matters anyways, right? Hopefully we get to go see  fireworks next year and maybe watch a parade too! 

Happy Birthday, America!

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