Gloomy Sunday

We spent most of our day hanging out with Max's aunties and their boyfriends :D We grabbed some lunch and shopped for Korean food at the Korean market~ And since daddy came with us, we didn't use a stroller or a baby carrier. We are trying to get him to walk more. One thing we have a problem with is that Max doesn't like it when we hold his hand to walk. Once we grab his hand, he gets down on his knees and refuses to walk. Argh... Sometimes he'll even do that in the middle of walking across the street! It's so dangerous! So we are trying our best to train him to walk holding our hand. He just wants to jet off! Of course when we do let him, it's in a safe place..but he is FAST. This little boy can run! And he doesn't stop. OY. Hopefully this lil phase goes away soon and we can get him trained!
Beanie- H&M // Top- Urban Baby Runway // Pants- Mason and the Tambourine // Shoes- Converse

I also had a shoot planned out today, but cancelled due to rain. And what happens?! 
NO RAIN! It was just cloudy and grey all day!
So instead of staying inside the house all day, Max and i went out on a run! I really must lose some weight! So yep.. 


  1. Gah! How cute is he?! Looove his outfit, especially the shirt! Too funny

    xo Ashley


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