Uppababy Vista- Part One

Woo hoo! My new stroller was delivered today! I have been into all thing babies! Gear, clothes, toys, everything... Is it a 1st time mom thing? Well, it makes me happy... so whatever~lol!
I got some dough for Christmas from Sai (he's not a shopper -_-) so i ended up gifting myself with a new stroller! I'm pretty sure that he wasn't expecting me to spend it all at once, but hey~ what do you expect from a girl?! I've been looking for a new one anyways.
Baby Max has been so fussy lately in his current stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini GT). I thought i did all the research i could before i bought it..but i guess it's trial and error. I don't hate the GT, I actually LOVE it. But there are certain features that didn't work out with Max. I think the number one thing was the seat. It doesn't sit up all the way. He's always trying to pull himself up to sit up straight. And my only problems would be the recline.. you would have to pull a string thingy (sorry, don't know what it's called) and slide it up and down..and with a heavy sleeping baby, it could get annoying sometimes. The other would be basket. There's a decent amount of space, but it's a lil hard to get to it. Just minor things..but otherwise i love this stroller for the all terrain wheels, canopy, and the easy one fold!
Anyways, I just got the Vista so i haven't had a chance to take it out yet. The set up was really easy! Took me about 5 minutes. And it's HUGE! Or maybe because it's in Max's lil room. It's definitely taller tho! 
I decided on the Uppababy Vista because of the reverse seat, large basket, the height (i have a bad back), and the one hand recline! I was deciding between the Vista or the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. I would of loved to end up with the Bugaboo but it cost way too much! And not worth arguing over the the hubby~ haha. Cause he would have a fit if he knew how much i spent on a stroller. The Vista is pretty pricey too, but we are planning on having more kids so i thought it was worth it since you can add a 2nd seat. Wish i had gotten this earlier so that i could use the bassinet! Guess i'll have to wait for the next baby! Can't wait to take this baby out! It is pretty heavy and a lil harder to open and close.. compared to the city mini gt. I'll just have to get used to it first. But i hear good things about this stroller!

Let's see! ;)


  1. wow love the sleek look!! I like these reversible seat strollers.. had no idea of these luxuries until months after baby. haha. Oh wells, my $30 yard sale old stroller will do for now! Btw you're such a great mom-- spending your xmas money on the baby :) I hope babyM sees this later when he's all grown and realize how much he's loved<3

  2. if you dont mind me asking. where did u get your crib and how much?


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