Gotta love a good deal

Guess what? We got a new stroller. *Big deal* Not only did i get a new stroller, but it was THE stroller i was looking for and this mama got really lucky finding one on craigslist! Yup. My first craigslist purchase! I've been googling this stroller for a couple months and i have been stalking craigslist hoping someone might list it. And BAM. On Sunday evening i went to search for it, and there it was. I had to blink a few times to make sure i wasn't dreaming... The 2013 Uppababy G-Luxe umbrella stroller. In the color i wanted. Brand new. AND with a brand new travel bag. ANDDDD i paid less then the retail price (of the stroller..i basically got the travel bag for free)! :D
I actually needed both stroller and the travel bag for our trip in October. And this stroller is back ordered everywhere! I'm so happy! But of course my husband isn't..he always know how to bring a girl down. Just wait until he gets used to it. He'll complain at first but he's gonna love it later! 
So far Max and i love it! We used it at the mall yesterday and it was a smooth ride! I'll review this stroller when i get more use. And after i come back from travel! :)
At least for now my back can get a little break. I have no problem with my Vista (i love it). I admit, it is a bit heavy. But with Max getting bigger and heavier...my back really does ache. 
Anyway.... wahooooo! i love a good deal!


is it over yet?

Holy Moly. What a weekend..or shall i say week! It might have been the most hair pulling week ever! Hubs decided to take off work for the week so he can just relax and hang out with his parents..so basically i barely got any work done. Now here i am...3 in the morning...blogging about my week and trying to get work done at the same time. I'm tired. ugh.
It was nice to see hubs at home and go out and see family... But i'm ready to see him go back to work so i can go back on my regular schedule and have some sanity back in my life.... oh scratch that. sanity probably won't come back till after October...-_- Oy. I MUST finish editing photos by the end of September. Cause in October we're going to BURMA! So excited and stressed! Excited to see where my hubs grew up....stressed cause i know i'll most likely be working most the time catching up on editing and whatever Max will throw my way while we're there..

When i get the time i'll post more pics from our weekend! Max had his 1st trip to the aquarium, 1st trip to chuck e cheese, and tonight he waved goodbye! I got all teary eyed from excitement. hehe.

So glad this weekend is over. It was fun.. but glad it's over. lol :P


18 Month

We had our 18 month check up today! The Grandparents (and the doctors in them) wanted to tag along too. Plus our Ped and my Mother-in-law are best friends. So i guess we made a trip out of this visit. lol.

So, back to my ever growing baby boy... he is BIG! He's up in the 99 percentile in height and his weight is pretty average. He grew 3inches since his 12 month check up and i can definitely tell by how short his pants are getting on him..definitely need to get this boys some new pants! xD
He did so well during this visit (videos on phone helped a lot!). And he didn't even notice the needle. He got one shot today and we were on stand by incase he started crying and moving around...but nope. He didn't feel a thing. My big boy.

Oh! And my baby learned something new! We've been trying to teach him some sign language since he has a hard time communicating with us. He learned to say please! He puts his hand on his chest, but he doesn't do the circular motion..but hey~ i'll take it! He's trying. My heart was about to burst! I know a lot of babies at this point is communicating with their parents through pointing and saying a few words... Max will get there... he's just taking his time... He's just waiting for the right time and moment to start pointing and to say his first word ;)


First Movie

Today my lil man turned 18 months! I can't believe it!! He's a year and a half?! And today happens to be a day when they play a sensory friendly film at the movies! *yay* How perfect for his 1st movie experience (look how happy he is)! We went to see Smurfs 2! Just mommy and Max~ Cause dad decided to be lazy and tired.. his loss! ;P AMC shows one sensory friendly movie a month at 10am. Even perfect cause this lil dude likes to go down for his nap around noon! :)
The program was started for children with autism. They have the movie theater lit and the volumes down so they can enjoy the movie comfortably. Hubs and I thought Max was autistic for a while... and still question it from time to time, but we just started speech therapy so we'll see how he progress from that. Anyways, the Howard County Autism Society was there with plenty of information to spread and share the awareness. 
This isn't just for autistic children, all kids are welcome and it's definitely nice that it's not completely dark, the kids can move around, you can bring your own snacks, it wasn't crowded at all, and the volume was just perfect! I never liked all the loud noise anyways. 

Max had an amazing time and watched the whole movie quietly...in his seat! It was such a wonderful experience for the both of us. Can't wait for our next movie! :D And a tip.. bring a sweater or small blanket! I forgot how cold the theater can get!
And we got some goodies!


Our week

It has been a long week. My mind & body just wants to give up and just crash. It needs a break. Whew.  We started the week with a nice play date at the park and lunch with our friends, on Tues. was grocery day! And we ended up at the E.R. that night -_- My baby had his elbow dislocated. I seriously felt like a horrible mother but the E.R. doc was so sweet and tried to reassure me that this (nursemaid's elbow) happened a lot. We were in and out of the hospital within an hour and only took the doc a few second to pop it back in (Thanks, Dr. Yardley!). Wed. i had a family session with a lovely family in Virginia then came back home to a full house (family visit), Thursday we went to speech therapy and made a lil progress! Every time i count, 1,2, he would just make a sound that kind of sounds like a three! It just sounds like a toot, but still he's getting it! After our session, we went to Port Discovery! I got a membership the beginning of the year and barely use it so i decided why not just go after speech therapy? It's on the way home anyways...so we went! I knew it would tire him out..hehe. Then later that evening we went to a family friend's house for dinner since they were celebrating EID. And now Friday, just a lazy day. I got up this morning, motivated to go outside and run..then blah. stayed in. I'm so tired. We have a busy weekend ahead of us! I'll leave this post with some pics of our trip to Port Discovery! :)

Recently he's shown some interest in walking up and down the stairs like a big boy instead of crawling. This lil area was perfect! At home i would have to hold him up but this is small enough for him to take baby step ;)


Life according to my iPhone : July 2013

July. You were fun & HOT. So much water table time, pool time, and getting drenched! We also got in a lot of family time since Max's Grandma & Grandpa are in town! It's nice having that family bonding time for Max since i've never had that when i was growing up. Max also got his 1st 4th of July experience and got to see fireworks! He also learned to clap and play peek a boo! He even picked up signing 'more'...but he's getting it confused with clapping...we'll work on that  :) He's also been wanting to go up and down the stairs like a big boy instead of crawling up & down O.O! Which he is definitely not ready for...Max is also completely off the bottle! *yessssssss*. He's starting to get heavy too..my back definitely hurts from picking him up. We celebrated my baby sister's 21st Birthday!*woohoo* And my business is slowly picking up..That pretty much sums up July.  August is just gonna fly by..i can feel it..and hopefully the weather continues to cool down! <3 nbsp="">


Fall Time Basics : Baby Boy Style : H&M

It's August! I'm getting way too excited for fall time! And kind of sad time is flying by. And so much news on the 1st of August! But first... H&M finally has online shopping! What took so damn long?! H&M is one of my favorite places to shop for my little man. It's affordable and stylish! I've always had a hard time finding clothes for boys that i liked/wanted and it always seemed like the girls had all the cute clothes.. but as time went on, i think retailers got the clue (especially H&M)! But sometimes it's hard finding all the sizes and goodies you see online at the stores! So now i am super happy i can get all the stuff i want without going to the stores to find it! HEHE!
Here are few of our favorites/basic for fall time! You can mix & match for playtime and dress up! I definitely would get the 2pk of white tees, it goes with anything! All hipster babies needs a few beanie in their closet ;) plus it keeps their cute lil head warm. And a pair of cool hightops, and it's comfy too! And to finish it off, layer it up with a cool jean shirt! Or hoodie. :)
I usually put Max in leggings when we are at home since they are super comfy and he can run and play in them, but if we go out i'll put him in jeans or khakis (soft ones or jeggings) cause it's just fun dressing him up..but i make sure they are comfy and roomy enough for him to run in. Cause really, that's all he does....run -_- 

OH! And H&M sizes runs big! I would order a size down if you have no access to an H&M.

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