He can do this all day....

Seriously. Whenever he sees his lil red bike, all he does is knock it down just to spin all the wheels! He's been into wheels for a couple months now. He's even interested in watching it. When we stroll around the mall, he looks at other strollers and watch the wheels spin. This boy cracks me up! :D


November Box: Citrus Lane

Love my November Citrus Lane box! Last month was blah, but this month was awesome! And perfect since Max is starting to eat finger foods and snacks!  
I loved the bowls and container that was included in this months box! And Max really loved Plum Organics Puffs! Spinach and apple.. YUM! He actually prefer this then the Gerber. He also started to eat Cheerios so the container came in handy when i go out! Cheerios in one side and puffs in the other! :D
There was also a grape fruit toy..eh, Max didn't enjoy that too much. He didn't even look at it. lol. And there was a Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer for moms..it's okay. Kind of goes on heavy but not greasy at all! I find it works best while my face is still damp from my morning wash.

If you are interested in the snack bowls or the snack container and cause sharing is caring, here is a coupon code~
Green Eats Set of Four Snack Bowls: CLHOLIDAY12 for 10% off
Goodbyn Snack Containers: CITRUS2012 for 25% off

Or if you are interested in getting your own monthly box for your lil one, go check out Citrus Lane! Definitely is fun getting goodies in the mail!

Have a lovely weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Outfit of the day- hat: zara, fox sweater: target, jeggings (girls..but we won't tell him ;D): babygap, moccasins: minnetonka

I am so so grateful for life! This year has totally changed me and i am just so thankful that i am lucky enough to become a mother to my baby, Max! I really don't know what my life was like before him. And i'm always thankful for family and my awesome friends! I don't know what more you could ask for! 
Thanksgiving this year was awesome. Surrounded by family and great food. I made some finger food for Max, but most of it ended up on the floor. LOL. And i finally used my Baby Brezza! My lil sister gifted me one for my Birthday in March and haven't opened the box till now! But i must say..i regret not using it sooner! I always thought it was difficult to use and i never had the time to..but it was the easiest thing in the world to use! Ah! I'm gonna use it more from now on!
Anyways, i definitely stuffed myself this year. Whew. Hope all of you had a very thankful and happy thanksgiving as well!


Monthly Update- 9 months

Whaaaaa! Another month come and gone... if i had a magic lamp, i'd wish for time to slow down so i can enjoy my lil baby! The days are definitely shorter and the weeks are going by faster! And out of no where... i have a 9 month old baby boy. 
So far Max has learned to stand on his own..unassisted for a few seconds, grew 4 top teeth...all at the same time, and walk with a walker or holding onto a surface. 
Witnessing all of his milestones are just amazing! I'm such a proud mommy!

Oh. And he has a thing for wheels. Any wheels..or anything that spins. LOL.


Redecorating the office!

If you personally know me, or follow me on instagram, you know how much i hate my office! I haven't actually worked in there for a good year now. I just hate going in there. Makes me too frustrated to work. And Sai of course does NOT understand why. As an artist, i need a space where i can feel inspired, where i can think, where i can get creative, and most of all work peacefully!
Before i lived with my hubby, i had all the freedom to decorate my space the way i wanted. But now since we are married and have gotten our first home together, i now have to compromise every lil decision with this dude! It gets a lil annoying (for both of us). I usually end up pissed and upset cause i can't get what i want. And it's not just ONE room. it's EVERY room in the house. Paint, furniture, tv, bedding, lights, and believe it or not...spoons. I am more artistic and he is more smarts...so we don't see eye to eye on things. It's frustrating...VERY frustrating... but through the years being together and married, we have somewhat figured out what we both like and don't like. So i am so glad he decided to let US decorate the office (he wouldn't let me before)! 
So basically i really can't stand this room cause it's orange. The color drives me nuts for some reason. And it was very unorganized and clustered.. i just want a nice clean airy space to work in! PLUS, we need a lil space in there for Max's play area. So we gotta make it work for all three of us! 
I'm liking everything so far. Even the paint color we both agreed on! Can't wait to get started! I have so many ideas going through my head! Will share photos when we are finished! ;D



ALOT is happening during Max's 8th month! Beginning of the month he started standing up on his own without holding on  to anything and now on Saturday night he decided he wanted to start walking with his lil walker! We tried before but he wasn't interested in it. But ever since he found his new interest, all he wants to do is walk! He doesn't know how to back up or turn the walker so once he hits a dead end, he starts to cry until i turn it around so he can walk to the other side! lol! Such a funny lil dude. 



Alright! My 1st post! I've been going back and forth with blogging. I blog my photography but i don't blog much of my personal...not that i want my whole life out on the net or anything ;P

So, hello world! I'm Stephanie. I became a mom earlier this year and my life revolves around my lil man Max! Most likely i will be blogging mostly of him and everything baby! And this will help me to take photos of him every week! Even tho i take iPhone pics of him EVERYDAY (i'm serious)! lol! I am also a wife to my computer geek, Sai. And i am a stay at home mom and a photographer. So you'll see lots of pics on this blog! Hehe. Come back and see me soon! :)

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