Is it December yet?

Can you believe Thanksgiving is 6 days away and December is just right around the corner?! Gah! The days sure does go by super fast! I have no clue what even happened in November.. i feel like all i did was prep for December! Haha!
This year i will be (or at least trying my hardest) to document and journal everyday of December. The days seriously past by me and i really want to slow down at the end of each day and just go back and review it. So much can happen in one day. Especially with kids. Like now with Nathan's vocabulary exploding and saying lots of new words and talking to me (this is weird for me since i had a hard time with Max's speech)?! Today he was causing some trouble at his brother's school and i pulled out my phone to keep him occupied and he yanked it out of my hand (rude -_-) and looks at me and says "mommy, don't look!" Say what?! Yea. The things they say, the things they do, the things we did, bad or good, i want to take the time after they are done for the day and just reflect and have it documented. So i will be doing December Daily. Let's see how it goes. I'd love to actually finish a project and have a finished album in my hand!

If you'd like to find out more on December Daily, you can go here. I also got my mini kit there.
If you want something simple, i'd check out Project Life. Plus you can find these at your local craft store, which is nice and convenient.

I'm so excited for December! I have plans all lined up (hopefully it goes as planned) and i can't wait to get my boys in their Christmas jammies!! I'm just loving the simple colors and a pop of red! Hopefully you can grab some festive Christmas jammies with all the sales going on! There are so many cute ones selling everywhere! If i could, i would just buy tons of Christmas pjs and wear a different one everyday for the month! lol! But obviously that's not practical~ 
What i really really want is to wear pjs all day long and just snuggle on my couch and keep warm with a comfy blanket and coffee/tea that never gets cold! 

A Mom can dream~


Hello November

Hello November. It's that time of the year again. Time for gathering, time for eating and stuffing our face with yummy food. Lots of family time, lots of pie, lots of sparkling apple cider ;)) 
I just love this time of the year! 

I think they had a little too much fun with the leaves..haha. Love my boys <3 p="">
Max's Outfit | Top / Pants / Shoes / Hat
Nathan's Outfit | Top / Coat / Pants(similar) / Shoes / Hat


Life according to my iPhone: October 2016

Dang. October just came and gone in a flash. But looking back on my photos in October, i realize it was a long eventful month! We started by busting out our Halloween jammies (Max/Nathan) & halloween books, Fall Festival at Homestead Gardens (the boys could of jumped on that pillow all day!), upgraded my iPhone6 and got the iPhone7 Plus (so big! now when i see the 6, it's so tiny! lol), lots of playground time while the weather is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! We decorated our front door with beautiful mums & pumpkins, carved our pumpkins for the 1st time, Max had his 1st official school pics taken (i plan on hoarding until he graduates!), we celebrated my Niece's 1st birthday (which i basically planned and coordinated..dahhh!), tons of photo sessions (my wrist hurts...ouch), i FINALLY got my chicken & waffles! Thinking about it makes me wanna go back and get more~~~ also trying to let go of insecurities and just ask (okay, more like demand) my Husband to take more photos of me and the boys..still got to work on his picture taking skills..the screen is in his face and i have no idea what he's looking at cause the composition is ALL wrong. But whatever, i'm in them. We went to our 1st Halloween block party (went late cause somebody wanted to go to Costco -_-), had a few messy and snotty boys from the wacky weather, Nathan finally learned how to open the door (we didn't want to teach him cause he's trouble!), He's talking a LOT more (than Max did at the same age)! He basically understands everything i ask and say, which is so weird because i'm so used to Max not understanding my direction or questions (still kind of don't sometimes). Max is going to OT once a week now, he is also loving school and have gotten used to his daily routine, he also had his first Halloween parade at school! Max started to get anxious after a while from seeing so many other students in their costumes..i think he got a little overwhelmed with the experience but he was fine once he went to his classroom to do the Halloween activities, Nathan on the other hand was a pain in my ass! He wanted to be held the whole time and wanted to bother his brother and eating his snacks. Dah! And last but not least, Halloween with the crew! Max and Nathan really enjoyed trick or treating this year! And they got (me) a pretty good candy stash! :)

Now we plan Christmas, right?! Oh wait, no, Thanksgiving! 

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