Man. It's already the 8th of February! Is it just me, or does it seem like your life is SO much busier with a baby? Or is it cause you'd rather be out instead of staying stuck in the house all day? I've been so busy, or i guess keeping busy.. with mommy workouts, story times, weekly target trips (a must :P), play dates, lunch dates, AND planning my lil dudes 1st birthday! Which is only a day away! I'm so sad it went by fast, but so happy he has entered my life and grow along with him.
So, yea. Busy, busy, busy. Oh, and i also signed up for a membership at Port Discovery! It's a children's museum where kids can play and explore~ I haven't been since my lil sister was 3. So it's been a while.. can't wait to go back and let Max explore in a new environment. I'm pretty sure he's sick and tired of our living where we blocked it off so he doesn't go anywhere else! He even whines when we put him there~ lol. I guess it's time to loosen the chain just a tiny bit.
This week has had lots of new firsts. I finally let Max walk around the mall, he finally learned to suck! So now he can suck from the food pouch (makes it so much easier for mama!) and drink from his straw sippy cup! He also learned to shake his head side to side. Oh! and he got his first kids meal at chick fil a! I don't really give him too much fries..and he really loves the grill chicken!
I also opened up our space in the living room! It was about time i did. he hates being mama's prsoner THAT much


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