Got my hair did

You like? Max was more excited for bubbles... lol.
It's been 6 months since his very 1st haircut..and we already got our 3rd one! Oh Boy. Maybe this mama should learn how to cut hair! :)


2013 Baby Jogger City Select

HELLS YES! I have been waiting for Baby Jogger to have black frames for the City Select! I figured they would come out with one soon since Britax B-Ready and Uppababy Vista has it too(which i have). Now i'm really tempted to sell my Vista and torn between which color to choose. Hehe. I just wish they had it available in diamond. I have the black on black Vista right now...so i'll probably end up with another black on black -_- I like to stick with safe options. But the silver looks pretty slick too! .....Dang it! 
So, I LOVE my Vista. I really do.. But as i looked into thinking about a second child, I read a lot of issue on the UppaBaby Rumble seat. It stays in one position, can't recline back, and seats are too close. But the Vista, i would say is best for one baby. Cause of the height, storage basket, reverse seat, one hand recline and easy handling. Just wish the it didn't come with the bassinet. Then maybe it wouldn't cost as much cause i didn't buy the Vista till way later so i never used the bassinet..seems pretty useless (to me ;P). 
Sai and I are planning on having a 2nd soon, real soon (;D) so i'm thinking the City Select would be the best fit for us. Hopefully he doesn't bitch at me for selling the Vista to buy another stroller! xD Hopefully when he gets to use the stroller he won't mind as much?? I LOVE all the different seating options to provide comfort for the babies and easy fold up for the parents! I had a Baby Jogger City Mini GT and missed the one hand fold! So, i guess everything works out with the City Select!
Thank you Baby Jogger for hearing my prayer! lol. After this, i need to stop messing around with all this stroller buying -_- I've also been looking at an umbrella stroller, but yea. I need to cut that out. haha.  


Just Breathe..

I've been having mixed feeling about instagram lately. I love my IG friends, and met so many wonderful moms and creative people through photos. But lately it just seems...... i can't come up with the right word...eh.. But i just feel some negative energy. I hate being around that.. or feeling it. Lets be real, seems too perfect type stuff. It's not towards me or anything..But can we just let people just do their thing? geez. I like instagram..i may be a lil addicted.. i just love taking photos of Max or other interesting things. It keeps me from capturing moments of my fast growing baby. It keeps me from getting creative with the shots. Like seriously.. Everyone has their reasons of posting and sharing their pics. Whether it's for selling, product advertising, sharing great places to eat or visit, just want to get creative, or over sharing bunch of baby pics (guilty)... It's their choice to share them. If they don't want to share how their real life is, then who cares?! 
Let's stop the bad vibe. Okay? Just thought i'd get that out. :P

I'll probably stay away from social media for a bit. Instagram can really suck you in and can get addicting quick. Plus my lil dude could use my attention :) I really need to step away from the phone for awhile and just concentrate on Max and work. So if you'd like to keep in touch, keep visiting me on the blog! I'll keep it updated..in case you go through Max withdraw. LOL. And i'll post pics on IG couple times a week (i'm gonna try really hard ;P). 

Stay happy folks. Just breathe the negative energy away..hehe.


Just another week

How awesome was todays weather?! It was beautiful! Wish we had this weather all summer long! It was so refreshing to be out of the house today~ I've been stressing out since the week started!
Plus, this busy body boy keeps me distracted from thinking too much! Haha. 

Look at him... too cute not to share ;D
After dinner we went out to walk around. But he does this new thing where he walks to the main road and just stand on the sidewalk watching for cars to pass by! I could probably bring my portable chair and just chill out there all day, and still wouldn't move xD



16 Month and slacking

Been slacking with updating my personal blog. Boo. Hopefully i'll remember what happened the past couple weeks later on..cause blogging helps me remember. lol. I've been busy with photography work! Which is good, cause i can make some money for Max, but bad cause i feel like haven't gave Max my full attention since i've been busy editing! zIt feels like i'm always adjusting and trying to find a system to my workflow -_- bleh. I'll find a good way one of these days!
My little guy is 16 months now(16month and 8 days to be exact)! He understands a few things we say, i've been trying to teach him a few sign language like milk but he doesn't like to imitate. Something i've been worried about for awhile! Cause he still won't point at what he wants, imitate what we do, or a simple thing like clapping. Most people are just telling me i'm just going crazy, even my ped say it's okay..so i hope they are right! I admit, i do tend to over think. Anywho, he knows how to high five! Before he would just stick his hands up, but i got him to hit the hand now ;D He also mastered the stacking toy! He knows the order of the color and size of the rings! That blew my mind...And look what happened today, he's feeding himself yogurt with a spoon! He got it pretty quick. Still working on using a fork tho~
After his nap today we hung out in his room for a bit. He started playing with his blocks and i've noticed he likes to line things up. 
Boy genius? lol. it probably doesn't mean anything but look what my baby can do! xD

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