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T-Shirt- Gap
Pants- H&M (Girl's jean leggings i found on sale) // Similar 
Shoes- Converse

Fridays are one of our stroller strides days, but this mama had no desire or had any energy to leave the house after getting max's bag packed. So we stayed in and thought about maybe go runs some errands, but Max decided on taking a earlier then usual nap. Eh, any nap and free time is good for me! Boy was i wrong... after that early nap, he didn't sleep the WHOLE DAY. 
After his nap i wanted to go get some grocery and stop by the post office, so i grabbed max, my bag, and went to the car and buckled him in. I checked to make sure i had everything before i drove off (i have a bad case of mommy brain), and remembered i didn't pack my wallet. So i went in the house to look for it, went back to the car to search, nothing. I freaked out. I never lost my wallet before! SO we were stuck in the house either way. 
Max and i decided on a walk to the playground instead. This boy... once you let him down to walk, he jets off! So lugging around a big heavy camera, and running with it to chase a lil baby boy...dahh! Definitely got my workout in for the day! And Max had his fun, especially getting dirty with dirt and wood chips at the playground -_- 
As soon as we got home from the playground, we waited for daddy and got ready to go out to eat dinner! So as soon as he got home, we got in the car and he talked about canceling my cards, so i called. It takes us about 10-15mins to get to the restaurant anyways.. i got it done in the car ride, and as SOON as we park and as SOON as i hang up the phone, hubs pulls out my wallet from the driver side door..... what. the. heck?! ugggh. So that was my Friday~ lol. 


DC Cherry Blossom 2013

This past weekend we made a trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms! This years weather has been so wacky! Couple weeks ago it was in the 40s-50s and still wearing winter clothes, then last week it shot up to 70s-80s or probably even hotter, and had to pull out some summer clothes! DAH! Wasn't ready for that since i had bought so much spring clothing for Max  -_- Oh well~~
Anyways, the day before we went it rained so most of the blossom got blown away by the wind, *sad face* but what remained was still beautiful to look at. And of course, Max wasn't interested in flowers! All he wanted to do was walk, walk, walk! Once i unbuckle him from the stroller, he's like a jet, and he blasts off until there is no fuel left in him to keep going..haha!
It was a nice and relaxing weekend~ Can't wait to go again next year!


Casual Friday: Denim Cool

Such a gorgeous day out today! Hopefully after Max takes his afternoon nap, we can go play outside...again! hehe!
Today's Casual Friday look is Denim cool. It's perfect for a day like today! Colorful, light, and fresh! ;D

Jean Shirt: Zara, but sold out (similar
Pants: Target in the girl section, but got this on clearance (similar)
Shoes: Converse (my fav!) 

Have a great weekend!! :D


Max's Room

I posted this picture today on Instagram, and a few photos with him in his room before that, and had a few ladies ask about Max's play table, chair, and bookshelf.
First off, this is my favorite room in my house! Mainly because i had full control over every decor decision! The other space in my home my husband and i had to 'compromise' with each other...ack! -_-
I posted his nursery last year, here...if you want to view more. I am actually in planning mode of redesigning it right now, not a drastic change, but little changes here and there. 
When i first planned his nursery, i knew it had to be budget friendly. I wanted good style that didn't break the bank. And who doesn't love IKEA's clean, modern, cheap decor? If i could, i'd live there and be happy forever
Anyways, i first got inspired when i saw a sale at pottery barn. It was the same length table, but as soon as i added to cart, SOLD OUT! Bummer. Now i was pregnant and moody and i knew i had to get that table somehow! 
Later that week i went to my sister's house, went to her room and just hung out. We watched tv and i noticed she was using this coffee table as a tv stand. And then a light goes off, THAT'S MY TABLE! It's simple and clean~
I knew what i wanted and went to IKEA to go grab one! I just didn't install the bottom shelf on the bottom cause i knew i wanted to add cute little kid's chair! Which is also from ikea! I also wanted this space to grow with Max. I imagined him one day drawing or reading books at the table, which is why i decided on adding the picture ledges to use as bookshelves! It's also the perfect width!
This space turned out exactly how i imagined/wanted it to come out! I'm so happy when i'm in his room! It's the perfect play space! 
I hope you found some inspiration in our room! And found the info was helpful for you to start planning your little ones space! :)


Life according to my iphone: March 2013

How is it April already? AND it's still cold! Ack. 
I've been dealing with a sick baby this past weekend. He is feeling a little better now..So hopefully Max wakes up in the morning feeling a LOT better! I can't stand to see my baby sick :( He caught some virus and went through a hard time. And after the fever went away, he started getting red bumps and rashes all over his body..mostly from his waist and up. Poor thing. What a way to start the month of April! Geez.
And March, you just came and went in a blink of an eye! In March Max turned 13 months, he's growing his canines and molars, caught a virus (ugh), started making him more finger foods, he loves to bounce balls, baby proofed the whole house, celebrated my 28th birthday, watched my niece Chloe for a few days (that was challenging), snow came out of no where, lots of play dates, Easter (didn't do much since he was sick), and we welcomed my niece, Ellie to the family! March, you might of slipped right past me, but boy were you a eventful month! :)

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