Spring time cool: BabyGap

I'm dreaming of cool spring breeze and bright sunny days over here. Cold weather and i do not get along. I was born on the 1st day of spring so i think naturally i crave that type of weather..or is it just me? hehe. Anyways, while i'm here freezing my butt off, i'm just gonna drool over all the springtime clothes all the websites are putting up on their sites (already -_-). I'm really loving all the stuff at babygap! Here's just a lil outfit i put together. I love a good simple white tee & jean shorts! And windbreakers always reminds of spring! Oh, and those retro tortoise sunglasses...i must have it!! My baby will be rocking those shades this spring. fosho! ;D 


Max's First Haircut

My baby got his first haircut today! I've been holding it off for awhile. But hubby has been bothering me about cutting it.. so i gave in. We planned on cutting Max's hair ourselves and watched a lot of videos on youtube! So, it started off okay.. Sai just trimmed little by little while i took picture (who else would take em? -_-) Then i grabbed the clipper and BAM! I messed it up. Once i saw what i had just done, i went straight to the bathroom and cried! I got so upset and angry because hubby pressured me into getting his hair cut and it didn't go the way i planned. Argh.
I quickly googled a kids hair salon and found Snip-Its! I'm pretty happy i found it! It was so cool and i especially loved the decor! I wish i went to get my hair cuts at a fun place like Snip-its when i was growing up! Everyone there was very friendly and i felt comfortable enough to trust them to cut my baby's hair~
After she was done, my little baby didn't look like a baby anymore! I see a toddler now! Boo! But doesn't he look handsome with his new clean cut? We also got the first haircut package so they took a picture of him and saved lil snips of his hair, AND gave us a certificate of his first cut! Such a cute idea!  Especially for first time moms like myself! Hehe.
And also, an obvious tip.. leave it to the professionals! Unless of course you know how to cut hair ;P
Lesson learned. Thankfully hair grows back! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! :)


Max's Favorites

Just a few of Max's favorites ;D We use, eat, and play with these everyday and it's always packed in my diaper bag! Except the stacking toy, of course. 
1. Munchkin snack catcher- You gotta get this! It's a must! I used to carry around a lil container to carry his snacks but they always end up all over the stroller or the floor. So instead of wasting his snacks... i bought this and love it! It comes in a 2 pack too! And it only took him about 5 minutes to get how to use it. 
2. Plum Organic super puffs- LOVE! I tasted all of them! They are delicious and very lightly sweetened. I also love the fun colors and taste combo. Max could eat the whole bottle... if i let him. 
3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn apptivity case- The biggest distraction~ If Max gets fussy or impatient, i pull this right out of the diaper bag and he is distracted for a good while! It's my lifesaver. I just used one of hubby's old iPod and downloaded some apps. And it keeps it safe from drool and drops! :D
4. Munchkin sippy cup- My other distraction. I pull this out and then...silence. Mmmm. Max doesn't like drinking water, so i add a splash of apple juice and he chugs it down! It's very easy to clean. It clicks when closed. Anddddd it doesn't leak! This also comes in a 2 pack!
5. Fisher-Price stacking rings- I like to buy toys that can challenge my baby and help him develop his lil brain. He loves trying to stack it. And of course..put it in his mouth. My 20 month old niece loves playing with this too!

Happy mommy, Happy baby. We approve! :)


What a week

Crazy busy week. Glad it's over so i can slow down a focus a bit. *Note to self* - don't fill up your calendar all in one week. lol. Lesson learned. I am so drained! But at least i got to spend my days with my amazing friends! By Sunday it was nice to just spend time OUT with my hubby and baby Max! My hubby suggested we go to our usual restaurant to go get pho, but i was tried of doing the same thing so he quickly came up with something different (someone heard my prayers ;D)! He never really likes to venture out of his comfort zones, so this was REALLY refreshing. We watched a show on food network a few weeks ago and noticed it was in Baltimore. We were interested and told each other we should go out try it out one day. I'm glad he remembered! 
So we went to Hampden and went to Cafe Hon, which we easily found. All you have to do is look for a building with a big pink flamingo! When we went in, it was packed~plus we had our stroller cause Max fell asleep as soon as we parked.. so we ended up being seated by the bar where there was space. It was nice but i would of liked being seated in the main dining :T
Anyways.. the food was great (i had the baltimore omelet..sooo good)! Service was ehhh...okay~ 
I need to come to the area more often. Maybe when the weather gets a lil nicer. There is so much to check out and cute lil shops there. Okay, i'm just babbling about random stuff. I'm the worst writer, i know. Which is why i take photos. lol.
Oh andi think the best part of this weekend was when Ravens won! Harbowl, baby! This should be exciting!! And it's on hubby's bday! Woohoo! Can't wait to watch!

and lastly, i'll end with this photo of baby Max and me! Cause it's rare to have someone take a quick snap of us! :) *Thanks I-Ling!*


Casual Friday: Winter Cool

scarf- zara // sweater- target // jegging and beanie- walmart // shoes- converse

Haven't kept up with 'casual friday'. But since it's been gloomy and rainy all week, we were so happy to see the sun come out! We started the day with our weekly mom workout at the mall, had a mini playdate, did a mini photoshoot, went to Target and found some awesome stuff in clearance for Max's birthday, and got Max dressed up and took advantage of todays gorgeous sun. It was a bit chilly today, so we hung outside for a lil bit. Enough for Max to walk around on the grass and play with leaves. And of course...got messy! This had been one busy week! Dah! I just want to chill and relax! 
But hopefully everyone will this weekend!

Have a good one! :)

Photo of the year

Goes to....Baby Max! He started doing this smile for a few weeks and i'm now capturing it (*fail*). It's so cute when he geeks out and scrunch his lil nose and close his lil eyes. hehe! This pic puts a smile on my face every time i stare at it~ 
it just take my stress away...


Monthly Update- 11 Months

Yeaaa.... i'm a week late xT
My baby is 11 months! And i can't believe it~
He is now walking (A LOT), bends down to pick things up, gets up and stand on his own, throws thing when he's done with it (must get him to stop this behavior -_-), he even spits out his paci when he sees food or his bottle. Lol.
I'm starting to see his personality a little bit. He's a bit stubborn and knows what he wants. And i think he knows by being cute, he can get away with anything! I'll let that go for a lil while. hehe.
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." 


Weekend to do list

Well well. Looky here. More iphone photos -_- I'm not doing such a great job at keeping up with my New Year's resolution. But Thankfully the iphone is decent enough to get those in the moment quick snaps! But truthfully.. do i seem like a bad mother? I feel guilty sometimes when i realize a few weeks went by without ever picking up my camera. Gotta keep reminding myself cause i never wanna miss a moment... cause really, i just wanna capture and remember EVERYTHING.
Anyways. Over the weekend, Sai and i actually got ourselves dressed and ready to go down to Virginia. I tried to look for some places in Maryland for hanboks, but the selections weren't that great or they just didn't answer their phone. So the obvious choice was to go to VA, where all things Korean are! Every time i go down to Annadale, i feel like i am in Korea. Lol.
We found a cute lil shop that sells hanbok, and i let Sai choose the hanbok Max will wear at his 1st birthday! And it was colors i never, EVER imagined putting him in. But in the end, we loved it! Man... I remember giving birth and now we just bought him his 1st hanbok. So sad and happy at the same time. One more check on our to-do list! :)



Crave Photography is giving away a brand spanking new 50mm 1.4 lens! This lens is awesome! And i would really love to win this myself to take more faster, crisper images of Baby Max! Head on over and enter to win! You have about 3 more days to enter. Good luck!


Busy mama

My lil baby is quickly growing up and entering the toddler stage~ Today he turned 11 months! One more month till he turns 1. This is going by too fast... he will always be my baby. Just a BIG one. 
Today we... or I had a busy day. I took pics for his invites! And oh boy was that a workout! Whew! Lots of going back and forth and getting him to stay still. But it was worth the sweat! I got a few decent shots! And i finished designing the invites so i just need to go get them printed and mail! 

What i do for this boy........ ♥


Already almost a year?!

It's about that time. That time when you survived a whole year as a first time parent and your beautiful baby turns one! I have been in planning mode! Or trying to. There are so many cute designs and ideas, but i know i gotta keep it simple. Otherwise my head would explode if i do too much! Which i tend to do. So far i have my photographer, cake, and venue booked. I have a few decor here and there. Only big thing i gotta do now is take pics, send out invites, find a hanbok for me and Max, AND make dol towers. Whew! Koreans do it big for their baby's 1st birthday! 
I went to my friend's daughter's dol over the weekend and i remember all the hard work she had put in weeks before the big day! And the day of, i just remember coming to help her setup and by the time you know it...it's time to pack up and clean! whew! That day went by soooo fast! I don't think i even got to hold the birthday girl. :T I can't wait to see the pics tho.. She did an amazing job planning and making the decorations. I hope i can do the same! Knowing me, i'll be all over the place -_-
The picture above is from the party- I setup a photobooth for the guest to enjoy. My first time too! I think it came out great! I recently decided to stop taking anymore weddings for 2013 and i really wanna start up the photobooth! It's fun, i can still work to feed my lil Max, and i can still capture memories for people! Hopefully things work out. 2013 doesn't seem that bright so far so i'm feeling a lil bummed lately. Anyways...... back to planning!


Uppababy Vista- Part One

Woo hoo! My new stroller was delivered today! I have been into all thing babies! Gear, clothes, toys, everything... Is it a 1st time mom thing? Well, it makes me happy... so whatever~lol!
I got some dough for Christmas from Sai (he's not a shopper -_-) so i ended up gifting myself with a new stroller! I'm pretty sure that he wasn't expecting me to spend it all at once, but hey~ what do you expect from a girl?! I've been looking for a new one anyways.
Baby Max has been so fussy lately in his current stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini GT). I thought i did all the research i could before i bought it..but i guess it's trial and error. I don't hate the GT, I actually LOVE it. But there are certain features that didn't work out with Max. I think the number one thing was the seat. It doesn't sit up all the way. He's always trying to pull himself up to sit up straight. And my only problems would be the recline.. you would have to pull a string thingy (sorry, don't know what it's called) and slide it up and down..and with a heavy sleeping baby, it could get annoying sometimes. The other would be basket. There's a decent amount of space, but it's a lil hard to get to it. Just minor things..but otherwise i love this stroller for the all terrain wheels, canopy, and the easy one fold!
Anyways, I just got the Vista so i haven't had a chance to take it out yet. The set up was really easy! Took me about 5 minutes. And it's HUGE! Or maybe because it's in Max's lil room. It's definitely taller tho! 
I decided on the Uppababy Vista because of the reverse seat, large basket, the height (i have a bad back), and the one hand recline! I was deciding between the Vista or the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. I would of loved to end up with the Bugaboo but it cost way too much! And not worth arguing over the the hubby~ haha. Cause he would have a fit if he knew how much i spent on a stroller. The Vista is pretty pricey too, but we are planning on having more kids so i thought it was worth it since you can add a 2nd seat. Wish i had gotten this earlier so that i could use the bassinet! Guess i'll have to wait for the next baby! Can't wait to take this baby out! It is pretty heavy and a lil harder to open and close.. compared to the city mini gt. I'll just have to get used to it first. But i hear good things about this stroller!

Let's see! ;)


Hello 2013

Oh, well hello there 2013! I have lots planned for you. Are you ready for me?
I'm sure every year everyone sets their goals at the beginning of the year and maybe forget along the way... i'm hoping to stick to it this year! So, here are my goals!
1- Be the best mommy i can to baby Max. Being a mom is not as easy as it seems. You will break down here and there -_-
2- Gonna change my eating habits. Not going on a diet. Just a healthier lifestyle. Anyone interested in a Green Smoothie 30 day challenge? I've been making smoothies here and there but not everyday, but i'd love to do this for my health and make it an everyday thing!
3- Take more pictures! Yea..some of you will be like "what? but you already take so much of him!". Okay so  i've got to admit.. i DO take lots of pics of Max. But it's mostly iPhone pics :T It's just easy to pull out the phone then my heavy bulky camera. This year, I WILL try my best to change that and take pics with my camera! I'm pretty sure by blogging it will help me remember! ;)
4- Keep up with blogging! Cause i have bad memory and hopefully by sharing a few moments here and there, it'll inspire or help out other mommies or soon to be moms!
5- Keep mommy life and business life organized! Which has been hard to do! But i'm gonna make it work!
6- Meditate more. And maybe start yoga? I love meditating. I went through really really bad anxiety/panic attacks a few years ago and since i don't like taking medication, meditation has helped a LOT! I need to find more time to do this this year.

I think that's a pretty good list. Listing too much will probably add some stress and pressure. Here to a new beginning, good health, and happiness for 2013! May this year be better then the last! 

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