Let the fall festivities begin

It's almost starting to feel and look like Fall! I just love this time of the year~ Saying goodbye to the hot and muggy Summer and welcoming cool, crisp, chilly air and all things pumpkins (which i don't eat ;P). Fall is MY summer vacation. It's when i purposely take less clients just so i can go out with my family and take them to the farms and do all the fall activities and just spend the time with them without any added stress of finishing edits or responding to emails. And it's nice to step back and take a breather. Hoping to take this time to focus on my little family (and maybe work on adding?hehe..we'll see, we'll see), adjust to a new routine (my baby is going to pre-k tomorrow!) and get inspired! Let my mind free...ya know? ;)

This past weekend we got together with our good friends and took our families to Gaver Farm! The weather was just right. Cloudy and cool. The perfect fall weather! Gaver's had tons and TONS of activities for the little ones to get busy and move around. We spent a good half a day there and the kids loved it! The dads might have gotten lost in the corn maze with the older kids and panicked and texted the wife...LOL. And the boys surprised me when they fed the goats! In previous years, Nathan would freak and Max would just run away! But this year, they went for it without even looking back at me! Oh, how much they've grown....

Now close your eyes and picture this. Fall scented candles filling up your home, cool breeze, nice comfy sweater (hells yes!),  apple picking, caramel covered apples, apple cider, apple pie (i like apples. haha), pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, halloween (gotta fill up my candy stash), colorful leaves... This is what i will be doing in the next few weeks....mmmmmm. 

But for now, i must edit all these photos and prep my baby for school tomorrow!
Bye Summer!

4th of July

What a long weekend! Tuesday felt like a Monday and bam, it's Thursday! Good thing- the week is short. Bad thing- the week is short and i have lots to catch up on. The weekend was spent with family so i can't complain! This is our 2nd year in a row we haven't went out to see some fireworks! Mainly because Nathan is such a bad listener and loves to run around and be crazy! Plus the weather called for rain so i didn't want to get poured on~ 

This year hubs parents were in town and were leaving the day after so we just went to his brother's house to just hang out with his parents and the kids can spend more time with their cousins. We invited my sister and her family and my dad over to come spend time together, too. Very chill and laid back type of forth for us this year. It was actually pretty nice! Minus the not being able to go out to see fireworks. At least the kids got to go crazy with poppers and light some sparklers! :) Little moments and joy on the kids face is all that matters anyways, right? Hopefully we get to go see  fireworks next year and maybe watch a parade too! 

Happy Birthday, America!

Boys | shorts | shirts from previous seasons target and h&m

first day of summer

boys birkenstock : famous footwear white birkenstock: modcloth

h a p p y  f i r s t  d a y  o f  s u m m e r !

today was a very busy day. ot session for max, a quick stop to toys r us since i had some reward cash to use ;), put the boys down for a quick nap (no one likes to deal with cranky toddlers), cook some korean radish soup (they love soup and rice!), went to get some rita's before dinner since hubs was working in va and to cool off after a nap. and as i promised max, water balloons we had gotten with our rewards at toys r us and a nap bribe! he's been skipping naps for a while, but this mama needs her quiet time~ so a little bribe was in order today.

so before kids, i hated summer! the east coast heat is terrible, i always feel fat in summer and you can't cover up~ lol. but now that i have kids, i kinda, sorta look forward to it! it definitely beats the winter blues! we can still go out to play and find ways to cool off. i'm most excited about all the activities and new experiences that awaits us! i have so much i want the boys to experience and enjoy!

splash parks, pools, bbq, beach, sprinklers, bubbles, home made popsicle, farmer's market, food trucks, water guns, water balloons, fireworks, ice cream, root bear floats, outdoor dining, berry picking, maybe a trip to a amusement park or ice cream factory... just a few on our summer bucket list! but most importantly, memories we'll be creating!

what's on your summer list?

s u n s  o u t  ,  f u n s  o u t  !


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