10 minute glimpse of our afternoon

First we decided to chat it up on the stairs drinking our tea and milk (we both got a runny nose today..boo.)
I think i bored him out. He literally placed his head on my tummy and was knocked out instantly! Wish all nap time was that easy!
After finishing my tea on the stair with my baby napping away on my tummy, i finally got up and took him to his bed. I'm going to hold him as long as i can. He's so heavy but so cuddly. 

Love you, buddy! xoxo!

18 weeks

How far along: 18 Week
Gender: Don't know yet! It's killing me!
Weight gain: i'm guessing 9 lbs? i don't know anymore. lol
Maternity clothes: yes! 
Stretch marks: Yes, but from my pregnancy with Max.
Belly button in or out: In. The bottom is starting to stretch tho and gets flat when i lay down xD
Sleep: YES!
Best moment this week: Sometime i can feel the baby rolling around in there~
Worst moment this week: I think i started feeling some braxton hicks contraction? It's not bad but it gets uncomfortable at times.
Miss anything: being able to keep up with Max. It's just too tiring to run after him xD
Movement: Tiny kicks and some rolling! 
Cravings: Chocolate! Donuts! And this week i've been eating rice, avocado, and nori!
Queasy or sick: nadaaa
Looking forward to: more movement and ultrasound! 

Is it me or does my stomach seem to be getting higher? Maybe the myths are true? If you're having a girl, you carry higher? For boys, you carry lower? I definitely carried low with Max~ Or maybe i'm just over thinking cause i want a girl so bad. Man. I CAN'T wait for the ultrasound!! I really want to see the baby! And yes... I am tired...as you can tell from my photo x) But how adorable does Max look?! And trust me, this pic was not easy to get. 

Happy Weekend Everybody!

I got a baby in my belly and baby on my mind

I might have gone a lil baby crazy today. And yes, my anatomy scan is in 7 days. So no, i do not know the gender of my baby. I just couldn't help myself! Once i saw all these cute clothes at Gap in the sale section with additional 30% off... can you blame me? I mean, if it happens to be a boy~ all i have to do is return it. hehe. For some reason i've really been drawn to the mint, sea foam, tiffany's color! Maybe it's a sign? When i was pregnant with Max, i just had a feeling i was going to have a boy. And i gravitated towards a light blue color with him. Does that sound weird? And if this baby is a girl..i'm surprised i'm not looking at more pink stuff~ I don't know... but this color keeps calling my name! :P
Maybe i'll just call it out now... I think i'm going to have a GIRL! Even the girl at the register at the mall thought i was going to have a girl. She just randomly came out and said it~ maybe it's another sign?! I even got girl on the Chinese gender predictor. 

We shall find out soon! 7 days and counting!!! :D

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