29 weeks

How far along: 29 Week. 
Gender: BOY!
Weight gain: 20+ 
Maternity clothes: Yep~ 
Stretch marks: Yes, but from my pregnancy with Max. So far no new ones!
Belly button in or out: Out. More like flat. 
Sleep: YES!
Best moment this week: 3 day weekend!
Worst moment this week: weight gain, aching back, and swollen leg and feet! ack. the not so fun part of pregnancy...
Miss anything: I miss my body. wasn't so great before i got pregnant since i was still working on i from max's pregnancy but i just miss having control over my body. my body now just aches like crazy..can't wait to feel normal again ;P
Movement: Lots of squirming and rolling.. i think i can feel elbows and knees.. sometimes it gets uncomfortable when he moves around~
Cravings: fruit bars! since ice cream is fattening..lol
Queasy or sick: nadaaa
Looking forward to: July.. when i can relax and sleep a lil bit more before baby arrives!


Week 28

How far along: 28 Week. Hello 3rd Trimester!
Gender: BOY!
Weight gain: Oy. I think 20 some pounds so far? 
Maternity clothes: Yep~ 
Stretch marks: Yes, but from my pregnancy with Max. So far no new ones!
Belly button in or out: Out. More like flat. 
Sleep: YES!
Best moment this week: Max all of a sudden can say 2 words together! I almost cried. Especially since i've been trying to get him to talk. He's taking lil baby steps, but at least he's trying!
Worst moment this week: Backaches. Everyone keeps telling me not to lift heavy thing and Max, but when you're a stay at home mom and running errands, you just can't help it...only cause no one else is around to help out. Meh.
Miss anything: I miss laying down on my tummy. I always sleep on my tummy. And i work best laying down on the floor with my laptop to work. Can't wait till i can do it again! lol
Movement: Lots of kicks and rolling! As each week goes by, he just keeps kicking harder and harder!
Cravings: lately it's been strawberries and cereal! and a few chocolate here and there ;)
Queasy or sick: nadaaa
Looking forward to: maternity leave! i scheduled myself to stop working after all the June birthdays! So i can't wait to slow down in July and not worry about working for a bit cause this belly is starting to get heavy! One more month left to work! Hopefully i can keep up! 
2 1/2 month to go till my lil Max is a BIG brother! Makes me all teary thinking about it. And worried at the same time. I really hope he'll adjust to his new baby brother in the house and taking away some of his mommy's time. Lately he's been attached to me. Maybe he senses change is coming? And i know a lot of moms always question if they can love another baby... But really... how do you share the love? Will it be instant? Of course i love baby #2. But will it be like how i love Max? Growing up my parents always seem to favor one or the other and i never want my babies to feel like that...EVER. I just hope i can them all the love they want :)
And just a random thought i had this morning... who is going to photograph the moment when my two boys meet? As a photographer...i can't help it. Especially since the hubs suck at taking pics. He doesn't like to document ANY moment. And if he does, it'll just be Max and my face cut off. Or me doing something stupid. -_- And then there is the money situation. I can't afford a photographer. Unless the hubs wanna give me a push present i can cherish forever? *hint hint* I'm usuall the one just taking everything.. but this time i want to relax and be IN the pics too! No matter how crappy i'll look. I just want to be documented too. I mean it's part of one of MY life changing moments too... Or maybe i'll have to get a camera that my sisters can use? I usually ask them to take some pics for me but they are so intimidated by my camera or some are just out of focus. Eh. I rather put my trust in a photographer that knows what they are doing and get the moments with out me nagging. lol. 
Yea... so that's just one of the 10000000000 things that's going through my head today.. ;P

Big Brother Tee: Carter's


I'm back!

I haven't been able to blog in awhile..pretty bummed about that. But i'm back now! Hopefully i can keep up! :)
So i'm 27 weeks now! A few backaches and sciatic pain here and there.. otherwise i'm good! Not looking forward to the 3rd trimester tho~ I hate feeling sleepy and tired...bahhhh! I need all the energy i can get to keep up with Max, photography sessions, editing, cleaning the house, and preparing for baby #2! Whew. 13 weeks to go! *i can do it. i can do it* 
Oh! And i took some maternity pics last week. I just asked my sister to take a few shots of me and my boys since it's so rare and hard to even take the time for photos... and i think it came out beautiful! We were running a little late to the location since i had to wait for my sister to get to my house from work.. we rushed out of the house and was chasing the light. As soon as we get there, it's a bit chilly and windy..and the light was just perfect! The wind was unexpected and a lil annoying but it added a special touch to the photos ;) 
I can't wait for Max to meet his little brother! Oh..i forgot, We're having a BOY! Yep. Another boy. No girl for me..again. LOL. Guess i gotta try again! ;D But boys are all i know so hopefully i can handle TWO! This shall be interesting... 
I have a name picked out too! But Hubs isn't 100% on it. But i don't care. I already picked it out! Hehe.   I won't share it till he makes his arrival. So tired of hearing other peoples opinion on he names i picked. UGH. Got a lil annoying. Oy. And i got lots of plans for the boys room! They're going to share rooms. And Max is going to get a big boy bed! Hopefully they both sleep in there together...cause i would like to have my bed back! We co-sleep with Max and literally sleeping on the edge while he's doing 360s between us. -_-
Okay. Enough jibberjabbers. I'm all over the place!
I'll be back to blog and keep up with it! :)

Dress: Old Navy // Cardigan: H&M
Shirt & Trousers: Zara // Shoes: Converse

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