Oh MAN. Last week was so crazy! I wanted to keep up with blogging but i was so worn out! 
So to update, last week i celebrated my 28th birthday with friends and family! Nothing special, just a nice dinner at a Korean restaurant...like every year~ 
I celebrated a few days early cause i had baby duty! My sister-in-law had a scheduled c-section a day before my birthday so i watched both Max and my niece Chloe! I thought it wouldn't be too much to handle since both of them aren't that bad....but BOY was i wrong!
I think Chloe sensed something is different. Cause she was so clingy~ she's usually not like that. But for some reason she always wanted to be held and cuddled to sleep. Doesn't sound bad, but after a couple day it gets tiring and you can't get stuff done. Plus Max got so jealous! I would have both of them standing in front of me screaming and crying and looking up at me to be held~
Max usually doesn't like being held, but when Chloe wants me to, or if she is already being held.. he wants it too. OY. Sometimes he would try to push her away. lol. It was cute at first but then it got difficult to deal with as the days past.
And to make it even harder on myself with two babies, i knew i didn't want to be stuck at home all the time and miss my mommy workouts and play dates, so i challenged myself to just go do it. 
Hubby was a big help in the mornings! He helped get them fed, dressed, and buckled in the car seat before heading out to work! 
By the last day, they started to get along and play with each other. I snuck up to get this shot cause i didn't want to ruin the moment for them..hehe!
Having both of them at the same time, for 3-4days.....SO TIRED.
For all the mamas with 2 or more kids...i salute you! whew! It is not easy! I don't know how you do it! But it definitely didn't get me to the point where i wouldn't want a 2nd! I actually liked having both of them, even tho it was mentally and physically draining.
And now~~ I'm a Auntie to two beautiful lil nieces! Welcome to the world, Ellie!


Max's 1st Birthday

My first choice was to do the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme but it's been done so many time, i see it everywhere, so i found some inspiration with a big monkey i had bought Max :D
Yea. Those balloons. It's suppose to spell 'MAX' and i really, REALLY wanted this one to be just right, but when i asked my sister to run to party city to get them blown up, she calls me with bad news and told me they popped my 'A' balloon. I was SO upset but had to let it go since i had other things to set up :T Plus they don't sell them in any stores so i had to order them, AND they came in the mail the day before the party! *sigh* It would of been so perfect! ack. 
Me, my mom, and BIRTHDAY BOY! :)
So happy my grandparents, Max's GREAT grandparents came and join the party! They drove 3 hours from down south VA with my mom and stepdad, just to stay about 2 1/2 hours! It really warmed my heart that they did that for Max :)
These pouches from Paper Nook were also part of my inspiration~ And it's reusable and personalized! :D
Caroline from Delightful Indulgence designed my cake just as i pictured it! She seriously did an amazing job AND it was delicious! It was so so good! I had to hide the top layer so i could do the cake smash with Max the next day. LOL. Everyone loved the cake! :D
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear MAX~~~ Happy Birthday to YOU!
Yay! Hope you do well in school, my lil baby Max!
And my almost perfect candy buffet. Wish i had more time to tuck away the extra fabric :T
So like everything else you plan and image in your head, of course never goes as planned or imaged. But it's my baby's 1st birthday! I did the best i could to get everything set up in time, with a few bumps, but that's okay. All that matters is Max is ONE and everyone enjoyed the food and had a great time at Max's birthday party! And my parents sucked it up for a few hours to stay in the same room together to celebrate, which i was very happy about! Like really, i couldn't of asked for more then to see that happen! I just wish we could of video tapped the whole day -_-
 Thank You ALL that made it and made my baby's day EXTRA special! :) And for all the cool toys and books!

She's so awesome! Go check out her work! :D


Weekend Unplugged

Do you remember a time when we never checked our phones the first thing in the morning? Do you remember when the only way to connect with the world was to just take a seat in front of your desk? Remember when you used to eat dinner without your cellphone on the table or in your face? Do you remember a time when your cellphone was used just to a make a phone call? 

It's crazy to think my lil Max will never know how that will be like. Everyone these days have cellphones and technology has made it so much easier to connect with our loved ones and connect with the world, it has made it easier to get answers to everything you need to know, and shop without ever leaving your house. We are always connected~ My phone is always with me! Mostly cause i'm kind of lazy to go run and get my camera, so i just grab my phone and take quick snaps of Max. Then if i want, i share it on facebook or instagram. Instant. Easy. But i've been telling myself i really need to be unplugged for a couple days... people are getting hooked! And for some people it is a real problem.

I just want a day or two when i don't grab my phone first thing in the morning, always checking in on friends, checking in with the world, checking for sales and bargains, and playing games that are SO addicting. So this weekend, i decided to unplug. And i gotta say, it was so refreshing! I didn't realize how much time i was really wasting on my phone! The day seemed longer and i got lots of things done.
It's pretty unavoidable to not be connected since i have to be connected and stay connected to get work, so i've decided i'm going to unplug during the weekends. 

It felt so nice not being glued to my phone for a couple days.
On Saturday we woke up and cleaned the house, went out to get lunch at chick-fil-a, costco run for milk, vacuumed and washed both the cars plus the stroller, mail lady dropped off recent zulily purchase, relaxed while hubby prepared dinner, and had our friends over to eat with us! We even had wine too! ;D
On Sunday we ate breakfast with my little sister and her boyfriend, visited my dad for quality Grandpa time, visited and played with cousin Chloe, took a nice walk to dunkin' donuts, watched some movies at home, quick walmart run, and drove back home with the sun still out at 6:30pm! So happy for daylight savings and longer days! It was a gorgeous weekend~ I am one happy girl! :D

How was your weekend?


Casual Friday: Stripes and Color

Beanie- Walmart // Shirt- Target // Pants- Similar // Shoes- Nordstrom 

We are ready for you, SPRING! I have lots of stripes in Max's closet (i have a problem xP) and color pop pants, with those two in your closet, you can't go wrong!
And it's suppose to be really nice this weekend, so i hope you get out and enjoy the sunshine! We definitely will! Have Fun! :)


My Little Boy

My baby. The little boy i gave birth to just last year, no longer looks like a baby... he looks like a big boy! (Noooooo~~~)
We spent our day at the mall today since we were cooped up in the house yesterday and went to go play at the play area. For some reason, as i sat there watching him play and run around, i was just thinking of how fast time was going and my mind went as far as dancing with him at his wedding. I probably looked like a weirdo, just sitting there quietly and getting all teary eyed. 
Hopefully that day doesn't come that fast.. 
And i'm not a very good writer, so all the stuff i wanna say in my head never comes out right. That's why i take so much photos! I cherish every moment and it helps me remember. I just hope i can remember all the changes and milestones he'll go through throughout his life.

So grateful for every day, every minute, every second i get with dude.


Birthday Wish

Just a few things on my list *ahem* ;) A girl can dream...right? ;P

Oy. It's March. My birthday month! I used to look forward to it every year, but now it's just another day, another month, another year, just another birthday. I swear i just turned 21 yesterday!

I definitely feel older and wiser. lol.
This year.. for my birthday, i just want to spend more quality time with my family and friends. I just wanna cherish all the moments with the people that matters the most to me. 
I was thinking of going out to drink, but eh. I think i'll save that for my 30th! 
A nice dinner and chat over wine sounds so nice right now. Does that make me sound old? :P 
But one thing i'm looking forward to.... SPRING! :D

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