Oy. I'm still tired from all the cooking and eating...and a lil bit of shopping! Or maybe it's from pregnancy? dahh~ whatever it is, this mama is pooped! I'm just really happy i got to spend time with my family. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful and lovely Thanksgiving! Now time to turn on those holiday jams! yeaaaaaaa!



Life is beautiful. Through the good and the bad...life is beautiful. Through everything i have been through, time heals all wound. You grow, you forgive, you move on, and just live. It's not as easy as saying it.. but there are brighter days~ even through the struggles, i am thankful. Without the pain, the tears, the laughs..i wouldn't be who i am now.

I'm just thankful for all the family and friends in my life. Thank you for being you and being there. And it looks like i have more to be thankful for........... i tried the digital test again after getting a negative a couple days ago. I'm so excited and nervous!! I'm already feeling the bloat and sleepiness. Must. Stay. Awake! I have a toddler to keep up with! Hehe.
And my lil monster is trying to walk down the stairs on his own! Still trying.He's still isn't too confident ..but one step at a time, buddy. Mama is in no rush for you to be THAT independent! ;D
Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Eat and laugh lots!


Random day

So today was wayyyy too cold to go out, so we stayed in our warm cozy home and played all day! My sister, Angela got Max some cute lil ornaments for this year's Christmas tree! We always have a different theme/color each year! :D So we or 'I' have LOTS of Christmas decorations in my garage! :D This year i wanted to make it cute and fun for the kids (wow! we have 3 babies total this year!). We're going with a woody theme. And i feel like Target and I click...every year! That place always have what i need..when i need it..hehe! I'm even thinking about decorating Max's room for Christmas. I'm feeling EXTRA festive this year! Those pillow case in the pic...4bucks for the pair at the 'as is' section at my other favorite store, Ikea! I love going to the 'as is' section! Especially when i find stuff i like for an awesome price! The pillow cases was just a return item. Score! ANDDDD my mom happen to be shopping with me that day and decided to pay for everything.. woo hoo~! So yea. I love a good deal ;D

And some random rambling... the hubs and I have been talking about planning baby #2. He is actually excited and really wants another baby. Which made me happy and surprised at the same time... so we tried a couple weeks ago after i got a positive on my ovulation test... and earlier this week i've been feeling very hungry. I don't usually get cravings for sweets or eat as much until the week before my period. So i've been eating ALL things bad and sweet -_- Than recently i've been feeling some mild period like cramping... and ever since yesterday, I've been feeling very tired~ Both days i took a nap with Max.. I just couldn't stay awake to work or clean the house. I've just been having this feeling...different. So i've just been wondering and having feelings like maybe i am pregnant?? So when hubs came home i couldn't stand thinking about it and just grabbed a pregnancy test to end my curiosity. The box says result 6 days before your period so yea....i'm six days away and losing patience.
I sat there waiting. I saw the pink line..than i see another faint line..a minute later it got a lil more darker.  My eyes just kept going back and forth to the guideline on the stick and the result window. There's TWO lines. It means i'm pregnant right?! Cause it clearly says one line is not pregnant. That's what was going through my head the whole time i kept staring at it. I quickly went down to show the hubs and he was kinda shocked at first and got really happy! An hour later i'm still in disbelief and had to go out and buy more tests.. I just had to be sure! So went down to walmart and grabbed a couple of digital test..why digital? I don't know. But when i came back home i went straight for the bathroom to test. Came back out disappointed... Hubs got a lil disappointed too. BUTTTT~ i did some research on the web and read that digital tests detects pregnancy from the day you miss your period. It also says 4 days before... So... I'm going to wait another week to test again. As for now.. i'm just confused :T That 1st test does have 2 lines tho.....hmmmmm~ We shall see next week! And i'm pretty sure no one reads my blog, right?? I basically just blog to track back and remember things that happened. But if you do read this.. PLEASE don't say anything. We haven't told our family yet and plan on surprising them later.

Dah. okay. needed to get that out and share...with myself? I reallyyyyy wanna call my sisters right now but i'd rather surprised them in a special way and when i get a 100% confirmation :)


21 month update and a day with Max

Hard to believe he is 21 months and soon he'll be 2?! He's definitely looking more and more like a big boy and the baby seems to be fading away. He's definitely understanding us more and trying to communicate his needs and wants. Still no talking but he sure does babble more! He does say a few words. "Umma" (mom in Korean), but i don't think he understands it yet. he just knows how to say it...lol. "Help"(sounds more like "hap"), he uses that word for everything...i think he kind of know what it means... he even comes up to me and grab my hand and takes me to whatever he wants help with. He recently learned to say "open". He says "oh" and then pen, it gets a lil lazy and he slurs it..at least he's trying! But one word he has down..."uh oh"! That's the only word that i know he knows the meaning to and says it correctly. It so cute when he says it. Probably won't be that cute when he gets older tho ;D

Max also likes to j u m p~! He's been trying for a few months now but he can actually lift himself off the floor now! Not that high yet~~he's still working on it :) Oh and last month he started putting the phone to his ear and yapping away~ he does that more and more now whenever he gets a hold of a toy phone or our cell. Oh yea. And he attached to me. Which is good and bad~ good cause i feel special..(muhehehe) and bad cause i can't get any work done or leave him with anyone. He even comes up to me look up at me and says "up" (op), so that i'll lift him up and hold him. <3 p="">

Oh Max, please stay little a little while longer! Don't grow up too fast! Mommy is not ready for it yet! :)
And out of all the toys, he choose to play with my felt balls that i haven't strung up yet. He likes to hide them in his drawer for some reason. lol. Just another fun day for Max~!



-Currently i am in my office....working. I haven't actually worked down in my office in 2 years! Ever since i got pregnant and had Baby Max, I've been working near him with my laptop whenever i could get the chance. This week, my mom is here to take a load off me and help out a lil so i can get some work done! So~ So~~~ thankful for her help! Lord knows i could use it!
-I am also in my office listening to kpop on pandora...which got me to take selfies like a fob..haha ;D
-Coming up with ideas for Max's Christmas photos..and also for my mom's puppy and my sister's cats
-Wondering if i am REALLY ready for baby #2? I mean...i bought some a ovulation test today... and have been taking my prenatal vitamins just like how i planned and prepared for Max. But can i handle 2? Oy.
-Having some photographer's block...i guess technically i'm not working...cause i'm blogging too...lol.

Back to work for me.



So... i missed a whole month of blogging... BOO. The 1st of October we left to go on our first big trip! We went to Singapore for a few days and then to Myanmar for a couple weeks! It was an adventure! 2 different country and so different! Singapore was beautiful and CLEAN. And Myanmar was the total opposite. Dirty and dusty. But still a beautiful country to explore. One thing they had in common.. very humid! 
I had an awesome time there and wish i could share stories and pics but there are wayyyyy too many! I'm so happy to be back tho! We made it back right before Halloween! I knew i didn't want to miss out on that! And I finally got Max back on his regular sleeping schedule. Woohoo!
Back to reality! anddddd blogging! :)
*one of many pagodas we visited*

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