first day of summer

boys birkenstock : famous footwear white birkenstock: modcloth

h a p p y  f i r s t  d a y  o f  s u m m e r !

today was a very busy day. ot session for max, a quick stop to toys r us since i had some reward cash to use ;), put the boys down for a quick nap (no one likes to deal with cranky toddlers), cook some korean radish soup (they love soup and rice!), went to get some rita's before dinner since hubs was working in va and to cool off after a nap. and as i promised max, water balloons we had gotten with our rewards at toys r us and a nap bribe! he's been skipping naps for a while, but this mama needs her quiet time~ so a little bribe was in order today.

so before kids, i hated summer! the east coast heat is terrible, i always feel fat in summer and you can't cover up~ lol. but now that i have kids, i kinda, sorta look forward to it! it definitely beats the winter blues! we can still go out to play and find ways to cool off. i'm most excited about all the activities and new experiences that awaits us! i have so much i want the boys to experience and enjoy!

splash parks, pools, bbq, beach, sprinklers, bubbles, home made popsicle, farmer's market, food trucks, water guns, water balloons, fireworks, ice cream, root bear floats, outdoor dining, berry picking, maybe a trip to a amusement park or ice cream factory... just a few on our summer bucket list! but most importantly, memories we'll be creating!

what's on your summer list?

s u n s  o u t  ,  f u n s  o u t  !


father's day 2016

i'm not so great with expressing myself with words. which is why i take pictures...haha. but this guy right here is the best dad i could of asked for for my boys. we as a couple might not see eye to eye on some parenting decisions, but we work together and do the best we can to provide a nice life for our precious boys. 
he is hardworking, organized (or at least more than me..hehe), clean (freak ;P), reliable, generous, dedicated, inspiring, and best of all the best role model. I hope they grow up to be just like their dad when they themselves become a father to their own little ones. <3 p="">
he is also lucky i like to take lots of pics~ he acts like he hates it when i start taking pictures but i knew once i collected them and put it in a book, he'd appreciate it more and cherished all the moments i have captured of him and his boys to look back on. Just a smile on his face was worth it for me. I just only wish he'd do the same for me! i'll save that rant for another post. lol.

i really loved the rad dad collaborations chatbooks did with dallas clayton! the illustrations and quotes were super rad and thought it was the perfect gift! chatbooks also made it easy to make and you can do it all on your phone! simple, fast and budget-friendly! just the way i likes it! and that shirt?? how perfect! cause we know even tho dad is awesome, he's not perfect. and it's pretty funny..haha~!
hub's dad happened to be here in the states during father's day this year so we had a dim sum lunch with him, his brother and my dad! I brought my camera but i barely got to take any pics :T pretty bummed about that. but what can you do with hungry people and crazy kids? as soon as we were done, everyone just left. poop. at least we got to stuff our face together! 
later that evening we went to m&t stadium for family movie night! for some reason i imagined this being the most greatest idea but with a crazy ass baby...not so much. i'd recommend going when your kids are 3+ unless you have really chill and obedient kids! they had awesome activities there (face painting, balloon twister, etc)! guess it wasn't so entertaining for my boys tho. all nathan wanted to do was run around the whole stadium. a lot of other families were leaving around the same time we did too. glad we weren't the only ones! none the less, we got to spend time together, had our fun, and got to go home and pass out! next year i'll probably just go with a massage and give him a day to himself and let him do whatever. 

hopefully it wasn't too bad for the hubs! i know it was not a relaxing one since we had to wrangle the kids along and deal with their tantrum but glad we got to spend time together and experience new things!
we love you dad!

hope everyone had a lovely day with the dad(s) in your life and celebrate them!

happy father's day!

world's okayest shirt: crazy dog t-shirts
photobook: chatbooks 

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Max's tank | shorts | shoes Nathan's outfit i got a while ago at H&M

Wow! almost 2 years has flown by! I didn't even get to document my 2nd born's life at all! Except with photos, of course. It's amazing how days and weeks and months just fly by you! I swear it's Monday now but with a blink, the week just passes you by and it's Monday....again. Like WTF? Can we slow down a bit? I barely can remember Nathan as a baby and he's 22 months now! He was just a little baby last year! With the second baby, everything seems like a blur~~~ and here i am...with an almost 2 year old! And a 4 year old that went through a crazy growth spurt and just growing before my eyes! I keep thinking he's 5 for some reason! And every single person that have asked how old Max was always says "Wow! He's tall/big!" Seriously. Every. Single. Person. I am also picking up more photography sessions and somehow ended up doing dohls (Korean first birthday). It's always been a dream to work with amazing peoples and get to document their little moments and i am so so grateful and fortunate to have worked my way up to the point where i don't need to stress about booking a session or finding jobs. But i'm starting to feel a little burned out. It's sort of my fault too. I just keep booking and booking and over working and taking on more than i can handle~ I really need to learn to say no and have some control about how much i book a month because it's really starting to affect my sleep! I literally have 2 jobs. Cause 1st and foremost, i am a stay-at-home Mom. Yes, that's a job! A really exhausting one. Then after my boys have gone to sleep, i work and edit photos up until 3AM to even 5AM. And my boys wake up around 7AM-8AM...so, yea. I really need to find a balance and slow down a bit. I'm really, really trying to find a balance but i'm at a point where i feel like i just want to give up. Sometimes i feel like... maybe i don't want to offer photography sessions anymore. I know i love photography and i love how it connects me to people... but i really want to document my own life, document my own kids life. I think that's where i see myself going. Which is why i want to start blogging again. I just want to stop and focus on me and my life as a mom and put more time into my kids. But who knows. Maybe i'll just limit my bookings to 2 a month? Because really, my 1st job is so tiring but so rewarding... and i really like my time on my bed....snoozing! Anyways, that's that. I've been nagging my mind about getting behind the computer and blog. But then, days passed. Then weeks. Then months. So i finally said, gahhhh$!#$@T@$%%!%(#@ just blog already! So now i have. And finally checked off something on my to-do list ;P Ha!

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