Port Discovery

Today Max and I went to Port Discovery with my baby sister and our friends, Erin & Blake! I signed up for a membership since we have nothing else to do at home, and it'll be nice taking a few trips to the city once in awhile with friends since i can get up to 4 people to tag along with me with the membership! 
We went for the first time today.. Max fell asleep in the car on the way there, and even tho i didn't want to wake him up.. i just had to! I knew he if i didn't, he would of probably slept 1-2 hours! Yep. So when he woke up, i bet he thought he was dreaming! His eyes lit up and he looked around at where he was. Haha. And it didn't take long to go run around and explore! 
We smashed our face against a fish tank, found lots of colorful balls to throw, played with sand, ran around and touched everything, and we even got to play with water! 
It was definitely worth waking him up! Cause i don't think he wanted to leave! We will surely be back and get a good use from this membership! :)


Max's Favorites: Part Two

I always take these when i'm on the go! Except for the plates, of course~

1. Skip Hop Insulated Lunch Bag- Max is now drinking whole milk so this insulated lunch bag is perfect to keep his milk cool! Plus, they are really cute! ;D They have a whole bunch of different zoo pals.
2. Tommee Tippee Explora lil' Sippee Flip Top Straw Cup- I've tried other sippy cups with a straw, but Max will only drink from this one. So the transition from a regular sippy cup to a straw was easy! The straw is thick and soft and easy for him to drink from. And it has a flip top too! 
3. Plum Organics Tots Mish Mash Fruit Snacks- Max can gulp this down in 2 seconds! He loves these! And they are a perfect snack sized pouch!
4. Lifefactory Glass Bottle w/ Silicone Sleeve- I love the fun colors and the silicone sleeve provides a good grip! It is also BPA, Phthalates, Polycarbonates, and PVC free. We also got the Y cut nipples for the fastest flow. 
5. Re-Play 3 Count Divided Plates- I'm starting to feed Max more finger foods, and i just love this simple divided plate! It comes in 3 fun colors too! And it made from recycled milk jugs~ how cool is that? We do a lot of recycling here at our house, so it's pretty neat when you see some of the stuff they make from it! :D

If you'd like to see more of Max's favorite, check it out here!


Casual Friday: Spring Color

It's Friday! Time for another casual Friday look! :)
I managed to snap a few shots of Max in today's outfit before our mommy group exercise! I actually woke up a lil early and got his laundry in the dryer, packed his diaper bag, changed him, and did a 10-15 min shoot with him! Ha! Today was an awesome morning. Felt like superwoman!
Can you tell i'm patiently waiting for Spring to arrive? lol. I absolutely love this color! I know some people find this color a lil daring for boys, but i likes! Max is probably going to look at this picture later and ask why i put him in this girly color.. This is actually girls pants i got on sale at Old Navy~ lol. Couldn't help it. :P
I also paired it with a pair of Toms, not pictured..cause i forgot to -_-
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Enjoy every minute, every second!

Beanie: Walmart
Sweater: Baby Gap- got this last year (here is something similar)
Pants: Old Navy (they don't have the color online, but i'm sure you can find it in the store)

Love, Max & Stef


Citrus Lane: February Box

Max and i look forward to our Citrus Lane box every month! Every month i constantly track my package and be on the look out for the mailman~ lil obsessive, i know.. lol.
This months box theme was music! We got the tambourine~ oh what fun! 
We also got another book! We got so much from his birthday, he can probably open up a library. Then we got tooth gel! I was actually gonna look into getting him some since he won't let us stick our fingers in his mouth to clean his teeth, can't wait to try it out! Oh and antibacterial wipes and a lip balm for mommy! Both of which i need in my diaper bag, for sure! If you know me or see me all the time, you know i have the worse chapped lips evarrrr. It's so bad. Always chapped or cracked (ack). I get it from my mom -_- yay..
Oh, and off topic.. i'm so glad i bought this pants today at Gap while at the mall! He leaked out of his diapers today and went to go change him in the bathroom, which is already hard enough since he won't stay still for it..i go take his diapers off...and there he went... all over the changing table and down his legs. ugh. That was fun to clean~ yep. This is what my life has come to.. just glad it wasn't number 2!
Anyways, pants..good buy today! whew!

Max loved his box again! Thanks Citrus Lane!

If you'd like to get a box for your cutie, click on my link to receive $10 off your first order! 
You'll love it! And it's tailored to your baby's age and stage! 

Or if you don't want to sign up but want to get info on a few stuff i got, here it is..

I Spy in the Ocean book- use code CITRUSLANE for 20% off + free ground shipping thru 6/26/13
Branam Tooth Gel- use code CITRUSLANE for 25% off thru 12/31/13
Pangea Organics Lip Balm- use code NEWCITRUS for 20% off thru 3/31/13
Toddler Tambourine- Hohner Kids
Little Buddy Wipes- Me4Kidz


Out and About

What a month! So many February birthdays! So far i've had cake every week this month! I can tell my weight is creeping up on me~ must. stop. now.
Earlier this morning we went to Max's friend's 1st birthday party~ and then came back to take his Aunt out for her birthday! My sister is truly a blessing. I don't  know what i would of done without her in my life! She is VERY special to me and i'd do anything for her..
Every February we share the same age! We love it, until i have to turn a year old in a month -_-
It's so fun having a sister so close in age~
Today we celebrated her day by taking her out to the American Visionary Art Museum. Who better to go with then your art loving sister? This was perfect! Must go check it out if you're ever in Baltimore. I loved seeing all the quirky art! It's different from the fine arts museum. And Max was so good today! He was quiet the whole time we were inside! I guess he enjoyed the art too~ 


Etsy Finds: Specially For You

I love personalized jewelry! And if it's in Korean, even better! I've always wanted one in Korean and found a seller on etsy that sells them.. for a good price too! I absolutely adore mine. It's my lil Max's Korean name, Jin Woo. 
Lots of people have liked this photo on instagram, so i wanted to share where i bought it.. I got my personalized Korean name necklace from Specially For You. I got the mini size.
This would be a perfect gift for yourself, or other mommies in your life! Maybe even bridesmaid gifts!
I know i would of gone gaga if i had received it as a gift! ;D


Winter sun

Superman t-shirt- H&M// skinny jeans- H&M// shoes- Old Navy

How awesome was today's weather? This year's weather has been so wacky lately! But i do enjoy those days when we can take a break from the cold winter air and just get cool fresh air! I take full advantage of nice weather like today~ Since Max is getting older, and since it's too cold to play outside, he is getting a little bored playing inside...in the same area...all day, everyday! So after his nap, we went for a stroll in our neighborhood. I got my extra exercise, and Max got to relax and see all the cars go by! He always gets so excited when he see a car pass for some reason. Maybe it's the wheels? He has a thing for that..or anything spinning..lol. We also stopped by the playground to take a break and swing for a bit. Today was a beautiful! Can't wait for more weathers like this.



Oh love day~ I love Valentine's day! Or the whole month of February, to be exact. I can get away with cutting up hearts and pink things! Hehe. And dress Max accordingly too! ;D 
Today after our Stroller Strides class, we had our lil Valentine's exchange! It was so refreshing seeing all the lil Valentines card! I haven't seen one in ages! haha. Loved all the cute ideas and treats the moms handed out!

After that we went home and just played, and played, AND played. He didn't feel like taking a nap till 2ish~ugh. So i let him play until he tired himself out! 
My lil guy loves reading his books! He got TONS for his birthday! Thanks again for everyone that gifted him we one/some! He loves them! 
So for Valentine's Day, i'm hoping to wake up a lil early so i can make a special breakfast for my boys! Then Max and i have a play date with our friends, and hopfully, maybe i'll have a special dinner ready just for the hubs! But that's a lot to do in one day~ so we shall see! :D I just can't wait to do all the activity and anything valentine's related with Max! Since we couldn't do them last year...because you know...he was just born~haha.
What are you planning for Valentines? Hope it's filled with extra special love! Happy Valentine's day!


Monthly Update- 12 Months and cake smash

In a blink of an eye (or so it feels like it), my tiny little 7lb 1oz 20inch baby is now officially a toddler! I still can't believe a year went by that quick! I already miss all the coos, swaddling, breastfeeding, tiny clothes (hehe), and gummy smiles! The year has been a challenge, but it was SO worth it! And as the year went, i've learned and grew with him, on becoming the best mommy i can be for my baby. I can't ever imagine my life without my lil Max.. (here comes the tears...dahh)
At a YEAR OLD he is walking backwards, loves to throw things, he can suck from a straw and food pouch, and he seems to understand a few things..especially bohboh, kiss in Korean~ :D
We had his party on his actual day of birth and i'm so so happy that the blizzard did not come our way! The weather was so perfect! We cannot wait to see the pics! I didn't have the time to even take any photos! Not even on my iPhone! ugh. So i'm anxiously watching! We are so blessed and grateful for everyone that came out to the party and showed Max lots of love and amazing gifts! 
Thank you SO much!
So, as i wait... here is some photos from his cake smash! We did it today since we were pooped out from his party yesterday!
I saved the top layer of his birthday cake for his smash. He loved it! Once he got it in his mouth, he didn't want to stop! And he wasn't too messy with it~ I imagined him digging at it, but he was actually eating it pretty neatly....for a baby. :)
*sigh* bye bye baby, hello toddler! Let's see whatcha got for mama! ;D
Don't grow too fast. Mommy LOVES you!!



Man. It's already the 8th of February! Is it just me, or does it seem like your life is SO much busier with a baby? Or is it cause you'd rather be out instead of staying stuck in the house all day? I've been so busy, or i guess keeping busy.. with mommy workouts, story times, weekly target trips (a must :P), play dates, lunch dates, AND planning my lil dudes 1st birthday! Which is only a day away! I'm so sad it went by fast, but so happy he has entered my life and grow along with him.
So, yea. Busy, busy, busy. Oh, and i also signed up for a membership at Port Discovery! It's a children's museum where kids can play and explore~ I haven't been since my lil sister was 3. So it's been a while.. can't wait to go back and let Max explore in a new environment. I'm pretty sure he's sick and tired of our living where we blocked it off so he doesn't go anywhere else! He even whines when we put him there~ lol. I guess it's time to loosen the chain just a tiny bit.
This week has had lots of new firsts. I finally let Max walk around the mall, he finally learned to suck! So now he can suck from the food pouch (makes it so much easier for mama!) and drink from his straw sippy cup! He also learned to shake his head side to side. Oh! and he got his first kids meal at chick fil a! I don't really give him too much fries..and he really loves the grill chicken!
I also opened up our space in the living room! It was about time i did. he hates being mama's prsoner THAT much


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