1st Ultrasound

On Christmas Eve, I got to spend time with my boys and went in for my first ultrasound! I got soooooo excited and drank way too much water that morning~ Even my ultrasound tech noticed. After we did my ultrasound she told me to empty my bladder so she can do the vaginal ultrasound (ack! didn't have to do that with max -_-)..and she saw my bladder filling up again..haha!
Seeing the little heart beating never seems to get old~ I'm getting excited all over again. And i CAN'T wait for the next ultrasound! Eeeeee! It was the best Christmas present ever!
Hubs wants to be surprised with this baby. But I want to know the gender! Maybe with the 3rd we can keep it a surprise..hehehehehehe.
Here's Max's sister/brother. You can see the lil arms starting to grow :D

Merry Christmas Everyone! <3 p="">


1st Prenatal Visit

I was suppose to write this post a couple days ago....the fatigue is hitting me HARD. I feel so drained, ALL THE TIME. Can't wait for 2nd trimester (already). I definitely need energy to keep up with Max. *yawn*
We went to my 1st prenatal appt. Tues. morning. We ended up w a i t i n g for about 1 1/2-2 hours to get examined and tested. Which sucks cause, you know.... impatient toddler~~ thankfully i brought enough snacks and gave him my phone to keep him quiet till i was finished. 
Long story short....it's official. We're pregnant! The doctor said so ;D 
Can't believe i'm doing it all over again. We are creating another life and bringing him/her into the world. Max is going to be a BIG brother. We are going to be responsible of taking care and loving TWO babies~ Which i can't imagine. Of course i love my baby i am carrying. But how do you learn to love two?! All the love and attention i give Max, how do you do that with another? How do i prepare Max for a sibling? He gets REALLY jealous when i'm holding another baby. Like angry jealous. Will i be able to run errands with two...by myself? Dah. I'm sure everything will work out in due time but my mind never shuts off.

And i'm 6 weeks along. Doc thinks i'm 5 weeks 3-4days? I'm getting my 1st ultrasound on Christmas eve so we'll be able to know for sure. So far i've been experiencing lots of fatigue, lots of bloat, already wearing some maternity clothes (ugh), going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, can't sleep through the night anymore, and increase in appetite! It's so out of control. I don't remember being SO freaking hungry in the 1st trimester with Max. I feel like i have the same appetite as i did in my 3rd tri. with Max. Just constantly hungry and i'm trying really hard not to go crazy and eat everything in sight. I'll eat a full meal and get  hungry again after 30 mins. MY GOD. Plus i haven't lost  most of my pregnancy weight from Max (yea..i was lazy and tired) and i'm gonna try not to gain more than 20-25 pound. Just for health reasons. OH and my stomach is itching like crazy! I'm going nuts and wanna rip my skin off~ -_- so yea. that's how my week is going so far~ fun fun ;P


First snow of the year

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas~~! Or at least for a lil while it did. I hate snow but i love how beautiful it is when the snow is falling and how it blankets the ground and lay on the leaves~ And of course, photo time!! Errrr.. i mean play time! Hehe. Max didn't know what to think of the snow. Didn't seem like a fan.. but we played and walked through the snow for a little bit. And this mama got some decent shot of her baby in the snow! ;D It's suppose to snow again today.. so more snow pics? errr.. i mean play time! weee~!
And this week i am 5 weeks pregnant! Nothing new. Same as last week...lots of cramping~ but nothing i can't handle. It just feel menstrual cramps here and there, throughout the day. Definitely feeling the fatigue.. but no time to sleep ;( I have some editing to get done, house to clean, toddler to entertain and feed and change and love...whew. Oh and cook for the hubs. The second time around is definitely different. I know i'm pregnant but i don't really notice or think about it much since Max keeps me busy. Can't believe i'll have my first prenatal appointment next week! And maybe even an ultrasound! So crazy! Maybe then this whole i'm pregnant, max is going to be a big brother, we're gonna be parents of two will set in a bit......OH MY GOD! 2 babies?! Oh Lord~~~ give me strength. LOL.


Symphony Of Lights- Blinkin' Binkies 2013

Today we went to Blinkin' Binkies at the Symphony of Lights Festival. It's the only time you can go to walk through and view the lights~ So much better than just driving through. Plus i definitely got my workout for the day...or week. Lol. We came here last year with Max and i think he enjoyed it this year. He was quiet for the whole walk! He just kept staring all the lights~ Just something about them + the holiday season= something magical. Especially when you have young children and you just see the spark in their eyes cause everything is so new to them..
This year, it was pretty warm out so it was nice taking our time walking. But last year was really freaking cold! Not sure if i'll be going next year since i'll have an infant and all, but i'll def come again in 2015 and make it a tradition for our family! :) 



It's December!  My goodness! This year is quickly almost coming to an end! And Christmas is coming!! I dread and look forward to it. I only dread it cause i don't work full time anymore so i don't make as much..so yea~ money is tight. But i look forward to it cause of the family bonding time. I just need to remind myself that stuff is just stuff. It's just the lil thoughtful things that count. Of course there will be presents but maybe not as elaborate~ My sister's and their boyfriend and hubs and I decided on doing a secret santa this year with a set budget~ So this should be interesting! ;D

I also freaked out today was the 1st of December..I had bunch of stuff planned to do later in the month for Max. I really wanted to do the advent calendar but didn't have enough time to get to making them :T He probably won't really know what it means anyways..right? I even read this to calm my ass down. I just need to remember to do less and just savor the moment with my baby boy. But i definitely want to take pics with Santa at the mall..I'm pretty sure he'll freak out this year.. Wanna walk at the Symphony of lights festival..instead of driving through, families walk around with their strollers and it's just so much more magical..even tho it is a lil cold~ We also want to visit 34th street (didn't get a chance to go last year cause the hubs wants to be lazy).. Residents on 34th street decorate their house and has been an attraction for 66 years! I have been wanting to go for so long! OHH and bake cookies!! :D 

And today we just spent the day at Max's cousin's house to play. We later went to Ikea, just because and left with stuff we weren't planning on buying..lol. It's so hard to resist! I freaking LOVE Ikea! But hey, at least it's useful. We bought a shelf and storage boxes to neatly hide Max's toys~ We have most of his toys in the living room and lately it's been driving us insane since Max is now dumping everything out instead of looking through the bin and picking a toy out... -_- It's just so nice to have the living room look like an adult space (wow~ i sound old). And from the looks of it, Max is enjoying the nice clean space too! Dahhh... silly boy.

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