Goodbye 2012

I cannot believe 2012 is almost over (2 more hours)! This year went by super fast! I started 2012 full blown pregnant with tons of cravings and now i have a baby boy that is almost one! wow! So unreal. But this might have been my best year yet! Baby Max entered our life and filled our heart with so much love! We witnessed our beautiful baby boy accomplish his milestones, watched him grow before our eyes, entertained us with his ever growing personality, and found strength and love we never knew we had! It has definitely been a challenge as first time parents with little sleep and with no time for ourselves, but we wouldn't have it any other way! We love this lil human we have been blessed to create! (getting teary..lol) 
Hoping everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! I look forward to what 2013 will bring us!



Casual Friday: Playtime Comfort

Thank Goodness it's Friday! I have been running on 5 hour sleep this whole week! Dahh! Looking forward to getting some down time from Max! He has been so active! This mama needs a lil break. Good luck daddy! Hehe. 
Oh, and trust me...taking pics of him is not easy either. I always end up sweating! Since he's walking, it's hard to keep him still for 1 second! So this was the best i could do for this weeks casual Friday! 
And because he's walking...and falling...i like to dress him in comfortable play clothes. Today's outfit is some simple tights (cause pants can get caught underneath his feet sometime), a basic sweater, and a vest cause we went out to run errands today! Hehe. 
I also got a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins! I have been drooling over these moccs for a good while now and couldn't get myself to purchase one cause of the price ($60! *yikes*). But thankfully i won a pair from a giveaway that Small Frys had (Thank YOU)! I have never won ANYTHING before! So this was REALLY exciting! I got them in the mail on Christmas eve and you have no idea how giddy i was. lol. Over baby shoes? Yea. Weird. I know. Anyways, I LOVE IT! If you haven't noticed, you barely ever see shoes on Max in his pics. Cause i always have to fight to put it on, or it keeps falling off. But these moccs are awesome! It's like putting on a pair of socks. And it's easy for him to walk in too! I seriously lucked out! But now that i have a pair, i wouldn't hesitate on buying another! :) 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! It's the last one in 2012! Whew! This year went by FAST!
Make it count! ;)

sweater: h&m // vest: old navy //  pants: gap // beanie: walmart // shoes: freshly picked (weathered brown)

Christmas 2012

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I got exactly what i wanted this year! ;D And I got to watch him grow! Hehe! Isn't he cute?! He walks too! a LOT! :)


Merry Christmas!

Oh the day of joy, the day of giving, the day of dreams and family gathering...
I'm just sitting here in the dark next to a beautifully lit tree, looking at my boys sleeping on the floor while watching a Christmas movie, and feeling so so grateful for my life!
This year has been the best and i feel so blessed that i get this chance to live and experience all the joys life has to offer. Just looking back on where i've been, what i've been through, and seeing my life now.... WOW. Just wow. I can't believe it. I feel like i'm dreaming! 
Please don't ever wake me up if i am~

Merry Christmas everyone!

Max's outfit: top -zara // pants- old navy


Casual Friday: The basics

TGIF! Today we just grabbed whatever. Just a basic layered tee and jeggings! The shirt is a bit big but the moose is too cute! And i love when kids wear color! Color makes me feel happy! And i found this red and blue stripped beanie for $.97! Say what?! And it comes in one size only. This is also a bit big on him. So hopefully Max will be able to wear this next year!
Shirt- Carter's // Pants- Target // Beanie- Walmart

Have fun dressing up your babies this holiday! I'm still thinking about his outfit! I don't wanna go out and buy one tho. Spent well over what i wanted to spend this holiday, so i'll be digging through his closet ;D 

I'll also have a giveaway to one of my favorite place to shop! So stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend!


This week...

Can't keep up with this dude! He just  keeps on growing and growing! He recently started taking a few steps a couple week ago and now he so close it getting it! He still needs to control his steps and speed. hehe. But he did start lifting himself up without having anything to hold onto to get himself up! Those lil legs are getting stronger! And along with walking and falling...comes the scratches and bumps :( Poor baby has 3 scratches on his face today and he fell and bumped his head on the crib today so he has a lil knot on his poor lil head. *sigh* I guess it comes with learning all these new things so fast!

Anyways.. can you believe Christmas is next Tuesday?! I think i'm done shopping. Boy oh boy, oh boy... this season can be the most stressful and the most happiest at the same time -_- Since i don't have a full time job and only work if i get someone interested in photos, makes be anxious to look at my bank account. ugh. No steady income means penny pinching (my husband makes enough money for me to be a full time stay at home mom, but i never ask him for money. We don't even have a joint account). And the pressure of the holidays can be stressful cause you wanna make sure you get the ones you love and appreciate a nice gift! Yea...well i tried! Hopefully they'll like them! Now after Christmas, I have to plan Max's 1st birthday!! I'll be broke after that! LOL. Cause i definitely wanna make sure his birthday is to my liking! And memorable, of course! I definitely know my most important spending will go to the photographer! I never had anyone take photos of me candidly. NO ONE. So i HAVE to pay someone cause this is important to me. I want memories of me too with my baby boy! I swear i cry every time i type or say that. But i'm not gonna rant about about it. It can take forever~LOL.

Ugh. Okay. Spilled out too much. But really, even tho spending can be stressful, i'm looking forward to just spending the time with my family and seeing Max experience his 1st Christmas! :)


Casual Friday: Stripe fun

Just something fun and relaxing! I love this cardigan i got at h&m a while ago. The color block and stripes adds a lot of pop and a simply cute t-shirt makes it look more relaxing then dressy! And of course, a nice relaxed jegging! hehe! Found this one at Target  in the lil girls section for $8! It's so much better then paying $15-$20 on regular baby jean! Plus, he's gonna grow out of this in a month or two anyways( or even sooner )!
Cardigan: H&M // Shirt: Zara // Pants: Target

Have a great weekend everyone!


Baby Fashion

So as a mother and a girl i am having way too much dressing up my lil man (a life size doll..lol)! I have bought or kind of went over board and bought all these cute jeans and pants for Max to wear.. But they never seemed comfy on him. Especially since he is older and moves around a lot. The jeans are too stiff and it seems too tight around his waist and hard to crawl around in~ So, I noticed girls had lots of comfy, stretchy pants! Yes! I said girls! I did it. I bought my lil man girls pants! haha! If i never told you, you probably won't notice the difference! Am i right? All that matters to me is that it is comfy and stylish at the same time! If you do end up heading to the girls section... i'd recommend getting one size up then what you usually buy. Otherwise he would really look like he is wearing girl's pants! LOL.

Every week i'll be starting 'Casual Friday' looks with all the pants pictured above! I thought of the idea when i was helping out a friend with her fashion blog. And I thought... i should do one with Max! Cause really.. I don't buy clothes for myself and I always end up returning it and exchanging it to get something for Max anyways -_- Plus this mommy needs something to do.. creatively. Something she enjoys. And maybe inspire some of you mamas with your handsome lil man. 

Stay tuned! I'll have my 1st post tomorrow! To keep up with updates, come and join my Facebook page!



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Monthly Update- 10 Months

OMG. We are in the double digits now! And only 2 more months till he is 1?! Can we stop time for just a moment? Please? I'm not ready for him to be so grown yet!
So, so far we are starting to WALK(just a few steps)! He can say 'mama' now! AND 'umma' (mom in Korean). Oh! And starting to climb stairs and he is also showing those temper tantrums even more! He'll start pouting and kick his legs and throw is head back -_- 
I'm thinking by next month he'll be walking around and knocking things over~ lol. OH BOY!
I guess it's time to get started on planning his birthday!


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Mama's boy

Oh yes! It's official! He's a mama's boy! He started saying mama and umma (mom in Korean). Eeeeek! His first word! You can't even imagine the happiness surging through me when i heard it! Gahhh! He melts my heart so freaking much! I can't stand it! And the look on my hubby's face...priceless! LOL! He was a bit jealous ;D I'm sure Max doesn't know what it actually means, but who cares! He said mama first! Hehehe.
And today was a pretty warm day so i decided to take the boys out. Couldn't stand being inside the house on such a nice day! Plus i always wanted to take Max to the playground. And me, of course i wanted to put him in the swing. He was weirded out by it so he wasn't in there too long! We'll just have to come back when the weather gets warmer.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Symphony Of Lights- Blinkin' Binkies

I really need a tripod! Went a lil stop motion crazy, but i think it was appropriate for this post! Then you can see what Max and i saw! We strolled through 1.4 miles at symphony of lights! I've always wanted to go.. so i'm glad i got to experience it for the 1st time with Max and my husband! Max must of liked it cause he was quiet the whole time!


Max's 1st Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!
This is my baby's 1st Christmas tree! My sister and i love trimming the tree every year! And every year my sisters and i take turn each year coming up with different ideas and color for our tree. Our tree never looks the same. This year happens to be my year! *yay* Last year we did a beautiful blue and white color. This year i wanted to go a lil traditional with the red and green but add some fun with polka dots and stripes :) 
Can't wait for Christmas and keeping tradition and making memorable moments with Max!


Max's Christmas Wishlist!

1. Hape rainbow bead abacus - Max loves color and anything that spins! And this will be fun and useful when he learns math!
2. Gap striped intarsia one-piece - I love these! Comfy and cute!
3. The complete adventures of Curious George - We have been loving story time! Especially at bedtime.. he falls asleep to me reading. *aww*
4. Kid O go car - All boys love playing with cars!
5. Skip Hop monkey bookends - For all the books we read! ;)

This is just a list of things i think Max would like. Of course i would love to buy all these for him, but as i am a stay at home mom, my funds are limited. But that's why we have aunts! heeheeeee ;P Or this could be a great gift idea for your baby! Either way, i just want my baby's 1st Christmas to be special..gift or no gift!
As for me, my wish list has been fulfilled! I have my family, my friends, my husband, and now Max! Which is the greatest gift of all! :)

25 24 days till CHRISTMAS! 


He can do this all day....

Seriously. Whenever he sees his lil red bike, all he does is knock it down just to spin all the wheels! He's been into wheels for a couple months now. He's even interested in watching it. When we stroll around the mall, he looks at other strollers and watch the wheels spin. This boy cracks me up! :D


November Box: Citrus Lane

Love my November Citrus Lane box! Last month was blah, but this month was awesome! And perfect since Max is starting to eat finger foods and snacks!  
I loved the bowls and container that was included in this months box! And Max really loved Plum Organics Puffs! Spinach and apple.. YUM! He actually prefer this then the Gerber. He also started to eat Cheerios so the container came in handy when i go out! Cheerios in one side and puffs in the other! :D
There was also a grape fruit toy..eh, Max didn't enjoy that too much. He didn't even look at it. lol. And there was a Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer for moms..it's okay. Kind of goes on heavy but not greasy at all! I find it works best while my face is still damp from my morning wash.

If you are interested in the snack bowls or the snack container and cause sharing is caring, here is a coupon code~
Green Eats Set of Four Snack Bowls: CLHOLIDAY12 for 10% off
Goodbyn Snack Containers: CITRUS2012 for 25% off

Or if you are interested in getting your own monthly box for your lil one, go check out Citrus Lane! Definitely is fun getting goodies in the mail!

Have a lovely weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Outfit of the day- hat: zara, fox sweater: target, jeggings (girls..but we won't tell him ;D): babygap, moccasins: minnetonka

I am so so grateful for life! This year has totally changed me and i am just so thankful that i am lucky enough to become a mother to my baby, Max! I really don't know what my life was like before him. And i'm always thankful for family and my awesome friends! I don't know what more you could ask for! 
Thanksgiving this year was awesome. Surrounded by family and great food. I made some finger food for Max, but most of it ended up on the floor. LOL. And i finally used my Baby Brezza! My lil sister gifted me one for my Birthday in March and haven't opened the box till now! But i must say..i regret not using it sooner! I always thought it was difficult to use and i never had the time to..but it was the easiest thing in the world to use! Ah! I'm gonna use it more from now on!
Anyways, i definitely stuffed myself this year. Whew. Hope all of you had a very thankful and happy thanksgiving as well!


Monthly Update- 9 months

Whaaaaa! Another month come and gone... if i had a magic lamp, i'd wish for time to slow down so i can enjoy my lil baby! The days are definitely shorter and the weeks are going by faster! And out of no where... i have a 9 month old baby boy. 
So far Max has learned to stand on his own..unassisted for a few seconds, grew 4 top teeth...all at the same time, and walk with a walker or holding onto a surface. 
Witnessing all of his milestones are just amazing! I'm such a proud mommy!

Oh. And he has a thing for wheels. Any wheels..or anything that spins. LOL.

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