My Little Boy

My baby. The little boy i gave birth to just last year, no longer looks like a baby... he looks like a big boy! (Noooooo~~~)
We spent our day at the mall today since we were cooped up in the house yesterday and went to go play at the play area. For some reason, as i sat there watching him play and run around, i was just thinking of how fast time was going and my mind went as far as dancing with him at his wedding. I probably looked like a weirdo, just sitting there quietly and getting all teary eyed. 
Hopefully that day doesn't come that fast.. 
And i'm not a very good writer, so all the stuff i wanna say in my head never comes out right. That's why i take so much photos! I cherish every moment and it helps me remember. I just hope i can remember all the changes and milestones he'll go through throughout his life.

So grateful for every day, every minute, every second i get with dude.

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