Redecorating the office!

If you personally know me, or follow me on instagram, you know how much i hate my office! I haven't actually worked in there for a good year now. I just hate going in there. Makes me too frustrated to work. And Sai of course does NOT understand why. As an artist, i need a space where i can feel inspired, where i can think, where i can get creative, and most of all work peacefully!
Before i lived with my hubby, i had all the freedom to decorate my space the way i wanted. But now since we are married and have gotten our first home together, i now have to compromise every lil decision with this dude! It gets a lil annoying (for both of us). I usually end up pissed and upset cause i can't get what i want. And it's not just ONE room. it's EVERY room in the house. Paint, furniture, tv, bedding, lights, and believe it or not...spoons. I am more artistic and he is more smarts...so we don't see eye to eye on things. It's frustrating...VERY frustrating... but through the years being together and married, we have somewhat figured out what we both like and don't like. So i am so glad he decided to let US decorate the office (he wouldn't let me before)! 
So basically i really can't stand this room cause it's orange. The color drives me nuts for some reason. And it was very unorganized and clustered.. i just want a nice clean airy space to work in! PLUS, we need a lil space in there for Max's play area. So we gotta make it work for all three of us! 
I'm liking everything so far. Even the paint color we both agreed on! Can't wait to get started! I have so many ideas going through my head! Will share photos when we are finished! ;D

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