Max's First Haircut

My baby got his first haircut today! I've been holding it off for awhile. But hubby has been bothering me about cutting it.. so i gave in. We planned on cutting Max's hair ourselves and watched a lot of videos on youtube! So, it started off okay.. Sai just trimmed little by little while i took picture (who else would take em? -_-) Then i grabbed the clipper and BAM! I messed it up. Once i saw what i had just done, i went straight to the bathroom and cried! I got so upset and angry because hubby pressured me into getting his hair cut and it didn't go the way i planned. Argh.
I quickly googled a kids hair salon and found Snip-Its! I'm pretty happy i found it! It was so cool and i especially loved the decor! I wish i went to get my hair cuts at a fun place like Snip-its when i was growing up! Everyone there was very friendly and i felt comfortable enough to trust them to cut my baby's hair~
After she was done, my little baby didn't look like a baby anymore! I see a toddler now! Boo! But doesn't he look handsome with his new clean cut? We also got the first haircut package so they took a picture of him and saved lil snips of his hair, AND gave us a certificate of his first cut! Such a cute idea!  Especially for first time moms like myself! Hehe.
And also, an obvious tip.. leave it to the professionals! Unless of course you know how to cut hair ;P
Lesson learned. Thankfully hair grows back! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! :)

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