Casual Friday: Spring Color

It's Friday! Time for another casual Friday look! :)
I managed to snap a few shots of Max in today's outfit before our mommy group exercise! I actually woke up a lil early and got his laundry in the dryer, packed his diaper bag, changed him, and did a 10-15 min shoot with him! Ha! Today was an awesome morning. Felt like superwoman!
Can you tell i'm patiently waiting for Spring to arrive? lol. I absolutely love this color! I know some people find this color a lil daring for boys, but i likes! Max is probably going to look at this picture later and ask why i put him in this girly color.. This is actually girls pants i got on sale at Old Navy~ lol. Couldn't help it. :P
I also paired it with a pair of Toms, not pictured..cause i forgot to -_-
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Enjoy every minute, every second!

Beanie: Walmart
Sweater: Baby Gap- got this last year (here is something similar)
Pants: Old Navy (they don't have the color online, but i'm sure you can find it in the store)

Love, Max & Stef


  1. love!! you're such a great model Max!! who needs a daughter when you have a son to play dress up with? ;p

  2. He is one stylish kid! Him and my Rosie can be friends :)


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