Is it 2nd Trimester yet?

This pic was taken last week at 9 weeks. I don't know for sure how far along i am until tomorrow when i go see my OB. But i'm definitely ready for 2nd trimester! I don't have morning sickness or anything, but i do get really fatigue and i just need some energy back to keep up with max and work. So far this pregnancy is a bit different from Max's pregnancy. With Max, it was smooth sailing~ except towards the end i started getting sciatic pain. This one, I'm starting to get back pain and my sciatic pain is returning..ugh. Also my dreams are wacky and wakes me up EVERY morning..so i don't get a good night sleep anymore. Had a few things come up on my blood work which is giving me panic attacks.. Hopefully i'll feel a lil better talking to my OB tomorrow about one of my problems :T And once i find out how far along i am, i definitely want to start doing my weekly belly photos with Max! This will be a challenge but i WILL do it! And with my big girl camera! ;D 

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