What a week

Crazy busy week. Glad it's over so i can slow down a focus a bit. *Note to self* - don't fill up your calendar all in one week. lol. Lesson learned. I am so drained! But at least i got to spend my days with my amazing friends! By Sunday it was nice to just spend time OUT with my hubby and baby Max! My hubby suggested we go to our usual restaurant to go get pho, but i was tried of doing the same thing so he quickly came up with something different (someone heard my prayers ;D)! He never really likes to venture out of his comfort zones, so this was REALLY refreshing. We watched a show on food network a few weeks ago and noticed it was in Baltimore. We were interested and told each other we should go out try it out one day. I'm glad he remembered! 
So we went to Hampden and went to Cafe Hon, which we easily found. All you have to do is look for a building with a big pink flamingo! When we went in, it was packed~plus we had our stroller cause Max fell asleep as soon as we parked.. so we ended up being seated by the bar where there was space. It was nice but i would of liked being seated in the main dining :T
Anyways.. the food was great (i had the baltimore omelet..sooo good)! Service was ehhh...okay~ 
I need to come to the area more often. Maybe when the weather gets a lil nicer. There is so much to check out and cute lil shops there. Okay, i'm just babbling about random stuff. I'm the worst writer, i know. Which is why i take photos. lol.
Oh andi think the best part of this weekend was when Ravens won! Harbowl, baby! This should be exciting!! And it's on hubby's bday! Woohoo! Can't wait to watch!

and lastly, i'll end with this photo of baby Max and me! Cause it's rare to have someone take a quick snap of us! :) *Thanks I-Ling!*

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