Citrus Lane: February Box

Max and i look forward to our Citrus Lane box every month! Every month i constantly track my package and be on the look out for the mailman~ lil obsessive, i know.. lol.
This months box theme was music! We got the tambourine~ oh what fun! 
We also got another book! We got so much from his birthday, he can probably open up a library. Then we got tooth gel! I was actually gonna look into getting him some since he won't let us stick our fingers in his mouth to clean his teeth, can't wait to try it out! Oh and antibacterial wipes and a lip balm for mommy! Both of which i need in my diaper bag, for sure! If you know me or see me all the time, you know i have the worse chapped lips evarrrr. It's so bad. Always chapped or cracked (ack). I get it from my mom -_- yay..
Oh, and off topic.. i'm so glad i bought this pants today at Gap while at the mall! He leaked out of his diapers today and went to go change him in the bathroom, which is already hard enough since he won't stay still for it..i go take his diapers off...and there he went... all over the changing table and down his legs. ugh. That was fun to clean~ yep. This is what my life has come to.. just glad it wasn't number 2!
Anyways, pants..good buy today! whew!

Max loved his box again! Thanks Citrus Lane!

If you'd like to get a box for your cutie, click on my link to receive $10 off your first order! 
You'll love it! And it's tailored to your baby's age and stage! 

Or if you don't want to sign up but want to get info on a few stuff i got, here it is..

I Spy in the Ocean book- use code CITRUSLANE for 20% off + free ground shipping thru 6/26/13
Branam Tooth Gel- use code CITRUSLANE for 25% off thru 12/31/13
Pangea Organics Lip Balm- use code NEWCITRUS for 20% off thru 3/31/13
Toddler Tambourine- Hohner Kids
Little Buddy Wipes- Me4Kidz


  1. you have such good taste . . . my babies are all grown but I'm so tempted to sign up! hahahaha.

  2. Love the batman shirt Tt ur boy is wearing!


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