first day of summer

boys birkenstock : famous footwear white birkenstock: modcloth

h a p p y  f i r s t  d a y  o f  s u m m e r !

today was a very busy day. ot session for max, a quick stop to toys r us since i had some reward cash to use ;), put the boys down for a quick nap (no one likes to deal with cranky toddlers), cook some korean radish soup (they love soup and rice!), went to get some rita's before dinner since hubs was working in va and to cool off after a nap. and as i promised max, water balloons we had gotten with our rewards at toys r us and a nap bribe! he's been skipping naps for a while, but this mama needs her quiet time~ so a little bribe was in order today.

so before kids, i hated summer! the east coast heat is terrible, i always feel fat in summer and you can't cover up~ lol. but now that i have kids, i kinda, sorta look forward to it! it definitely beats the winter blues! we can still go out to play and find ways to cool off. i'm most excited about all the activities and new experiences that awaits us! i have so much i want the boys to experience and enjoy!

splash parks, pools, bbq, beach, sprinklers, bubbles, home made popsicle, farmer's market, food trucks, water guns, water balloons, fireworks, ice cream, root bear floats, outdoor dining, berry picking, maybe a trip to a amusement park or ice cream factory... just a few on our summer bucket list! but most importantly, memories we'll be creating!

what's on your summer list?

s u n s  o u t  ,  f u n s  o u t  !

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