Cherry Picking

Summer is a crazy one for me this year. Lots and lots of work and lots and lots of editing behind the computer! Sometimes, to keep up with schedule and workload, i try and do them whenever i can. Even during time when i should be watching the boys or keeping up with the house. I admit, i have piles and piles of laundry that needs to be folded and put away..dishes get piled up, andddd i have been letting the boys sit in front of the tv most of the day... not so proud of it, but i'm struggling to keep up with everything! I'm still trying to find a mom-work life balance. It really is a struggle and  it's not as easy as it seems. 

Since it is summer time and since both boys need and want my full attention, i try and set one day a week that we can spend together and go out and do something. Just unplug and get the boys body moving, away from the tv and experience new things. Last week i decided to take M & N to Larriland Farm to pick our own fruits and invited some of our friends! We had just missed the strawberries and a few days too early for blueberries. But the cherries were ripe for picking! It was our first time too! And it was so sweet! Just perfect.

If you go down the road, you'll find the red barn. This is where they have a storefront and some picnic tables if you want to pack a lunch and eat there. You can also bring a picnic blanket and have a little picnic! They even have a few goats and llamas there! The kids really enjoyed playing (bothering) them and running around! :)

Looking forward to more days like this, this summer! 

Any work from home mamas have any tips to balancing your time? I would love to fit in more time with my boys, some sleep and workout. Lol! Any tips welcomed!

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