Summer Bucketlist

It's memorial day weekend! Pools are opening, grills are lit and i'm packing up winter clothes! Even got my mani/pedi today cause i'll be in sandals all summer! Time to get my summer list ready! I have two w i l d boys to keep entertained and fed! Of course there will be those chill days too. 

  • Pool is definitely on the top of my list since we can head out to our community pool to cool off on those hot summer days.
  • Library! Max has been starting to read (can you believe that?!) so i want to get him his first library card and do some summer reading! And hopefully be another place to cool off at ;)
  • We definitely want to make a beach trip this summer! Still deciding which beach. Any suggestions?
  • Water balloons and water table on lazy days, plus the boys keep asking for them!
  • Maryland Science Center cause it's just a fun, cool place to keep these boys entertained. Plus i got a membership for my birthday! And there are tons of things to do and eat while we're at the harbor! Including a splash pad! (yea yea yea!)
  • Theme park! I definitely want to check out Dutch Wonderland this year since both boys are big and brave enough to go on some rides. Plus it's just for kids! Nothing too big and intimidating. I found a great deal too!
  • Strawberry & blueberry picking! Just something delicious and fun to do. I'm sure they'll eat everything before we even get to weigh and checkout.
  • And food! Time to get that grill going! And lots of ice cream and shaved ice to cool down! 
  • And celebrate my baby's 3rd birthday! Time flies!
I hate summer heat but i'm ready for some summer vibes! We've been having some wack weather this year and just ready for some sun!

And there's only about a week left of Pre-K for M~ the school year went by quick! We went to Kindergarten orientation earlier this week and got to see the school and the room. I seriously cannot believe he's going to kindergarten already! I mean...it feels like yesterday i started this blog (and i did a sucky job at keeping up with it).
I'm going to enjoy and soak up all the time i have with him this summer until he goes off to school all day! So much mixed feelings! I know i have to let him go a little and let him grow his wings.. but this mama just wants to hold him and never let go... i know. dramatic :P

Happy Memorial weekend!

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