Life according to my iphone: March 2013

How is it April already? AND it's still cold! Ack. 
I've been dealing with a sick baby this past weekend. He is feeling a little better now..So hopefully Max wakes up in the morning feeling a LOT better! I can't stand to see my baby sick :( He caught some virus and went through a hard time. And after the fever went away, he started getting red bumps and rashes all over his body..mostly from his waist and up. Poor thing. What a way to start the month of April! Geez.
And March, you just came and went in a blink of an eye! In March Max turned 13 months, he's growing his canines and molars, caught a virus (ugh), started making him more finger foods, he loves to bounce balls, baby proofed the whole house, celebrated my 28th birthday, watched my niece Chloe for a few days (that was challenging), snow came out of no where, lots of play dates, Easter (didn't do much since he was sick), and we welcomed my niece, Ellie to the family! March, you might of slipped right past me, but boy were you a eventful month! :)

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