Max's Room

I posted this picture today on Instagram, and a few photos with him in his room before that, and had a few ladies ask about Max's play table, chair, and bookshelf.
First off, this is my favorite room in my house! Mainly because i had full control over every decor decision! The other space in my home my husband and i had to 'compromise' with each other...ack! -_-
I posted his nursery last year, here...if you want to view more. I am actually in planning mode of redesigning it right now, not a drastic change, but little changes here and there. 
When i first planned his nursery, i knew it had to be budget friendly. I wanted good style that didn't break the bank. And who doesn't love IKEA's clean, modern, cheap decor? If i could, i'd live there and be happy forever
Anyways, i first got inspired when i saw a sale at pottery barn. It was the same length table, but as soon as i added to cart, SOLD OUT! Bummer. Now i was pregnant and moody and i knew i had to get that table somehow! 
Later that week i went to my sister's house, went to her room and just hung out. We watched tv and i noticed she was using this coffee table as a tv stand. And then a light goes off, THAT'S MY TABLE! It's simple and clean~
I knew what i wanted and went to IKEA to go grab one! I just didn't install the bottom shelf on the bottom cause i knew i wanted to add cute little kid's chair! Which is also from ikea! I also wanted this space to grow with Max. I imagined him one day drawing or reading books at the table, which is why i decided on adding the picture ledges to use as bookshelves! It's also the perfect width!
This space turned out exactly how i imagined/wanted it to come out! I'm so happy when i'm in his room! It's the perfect play space! 
I hope you found some inspiration in our room! And found the info was helpful for you to start planning your little ones space! :)

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  1. Love his room! I wish oh wish to own a place one day and go nuts on decor :):)


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