Week 14

How far along: 14 Weeks
Gender: Don't know yet! 4 more weeks!
Weight gain: 5 lbs. oops!
Maternity clothes: Oh yes!
Stretch marks: Yes, but from my pregnancy with Max.
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleep much better than a couple weeks ago! Not as much crazy dreams. Still get up in the middle of the night tho. meh.
Best moment this week: My Baby turned 2!! Valentine's day, My lil sister turned 28, and we had Max's 2nd birthday party!
Worst moment this week: Nothing really. Except some sciatic pains..it sucks~
Miss anything: Coffee and tea! Especially since it's cold out.
Movement: No. But i  T H I N K  i can start feeling some flutters here and there.
Cravings: Fruits and cobb salad from Chick Fil A! hehe. I've been getting it a couple times a week so far xD it's so gooooood!
Queasy or sick: None.
Looking forward to: Feeling an actual flutter and kicks! I keep freaking out cause i don't feel like i'm pregnant without all the kicking cause i got a lot of that from Max. lol. It definitely reassured me that he was okay when i was pregnant with him.

And for Valentine's Day, I had a little fun with my sister's Cricut! Hehe. How cute is my lil heart breaker?! *sigh*
And I was craving some fruits this week! MMm~ but lil man ate most of my grapes and all of my blueberries! He's lucky he's cute!
And on Valentine's day we started the day at the PED office for Max's 2 year checkup! We didn't use the baby scale. We used a big boy one, where you stand up and get weighed AND measured! Made me cry a lil. lol. He's growing up so fast! Max weighed in at 34LBS. and 35INCHES. He even had blood drawn like a big boy...from the arm...that kind of freaked me out. And one shot to the thigh. He did good. :)
And my oh so romantic hubby got me a few goodies! He's not so great with surprises.. obviously if you leave the house on V-Day for no reason, I'll know what you're doing...haha.
He tries. And i love him for it! He even took me to the Korean restaurant for dinner! MMM. Man knows what Mama likes! ;D

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

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