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Last week M started Pre-K! So happy & so proud but so so sad at the same time. It's only for a few hours, i know. But when you spend almost all day & night with your baby and go everywhere with him since the day he was born....it's a big change! I have to keep reminding myself that this change is good. Good for me and good for him. I can now get a few hours to spend time with N... time we are both not used to..haha! I did so much with M before N was born. I took him everywhere and had lots of playdates. With N, i'm c l u e l e s s. I did sign him up at a local kids gym once a week so that i can get him around other kids his age and to burn all that energy! But i haven't really done any one on one with him. Maybe i can finally read a book or two with him...

I stressed about pre-k all summer. Just waiting for a phone call or letter for an acceptance to Pre-K~ I just know M needs it. I really wanted to prep him for the real deal when he enters Kindergarten. Max needs consistency and structure, so hopefully he can get used to school settings. All i can imagine is him running around in circles arounds all his classmates and throwing toys around. But they say kids act completely different under someone else's watch~ So we shall see. I haven't gotten a phone call or letter yet for his behavior, so that's a good! :)

This will be our first full week of him going to school! I'm still trying to get used to this everyday thing. I'm sure he is too. We have to (or at least I have to) wake up earlier, get decent, get the boys dressed and washed AND fed. Pack a snack and be out the door. Those few hours feels a bit lonely but the feeling you get when you pick him up and when his face lights up when he sees you and comes running...... BEST PART OF MY DAY.

N's Outfit: 
camera shirt from Kira Kids / pants from H&M / shoes

M's Outfit:

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