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Man. Already halfway through October! I've gone completely fall crazy this year! Making up for missing last year since we traveled to Myanmar for most of fall. If anything, it's the worst time to travel because this is my favorite time of the year! The cooler weather, family activities, farmer's marketing (who likes going during summer? Not I.), layers of clothing, beanies, hot coffee, and all the traditions to look forward to until the end of the year!

So far we've gone to 2 different fall festivals here in Maryland.
Gaver Farm- Lots of fun activities for kids all ages! Even for the 1-2 year olds! Lots of games, slides, pillow jump, corn maze (husband got a little lost with M..lol), petting and feeding farm animals, hayride to the patch, sandbox, etc.! Lots and LOTS of fun! 

Homestead Gardens- We went here cause it's local and i wanted to take the kids out while i had an 'off' day. We also came here a week before to pick out our mums and hay to decorate our front door~ yep. I'm  t h a t  Mom :P
The boys really enjoyed the pillow jump (they couldn't of stayed there the whole time). There was also a mini maze for kids, a corn maze, a little pumpkin patch, hay ride (more like a taxi to get to the other side of the farm. Nothing fun for the kids), Corn cannon (bought ticket for this but by the time we got there, the festival was closing. Boo.) Pony Ride (also didn't make it to this. Dah!), Live music, funnel cakes & apple cider donuts (sold out by the time i went.ugh), etc.!
We also decorated the house here and there with little halloween decor. Nothing big~ maybe next year..hehe. And i already have their costumes ready too! I actually bought both of it last year but Max was a little freaked out (more like terrified) with the costume, so i brought it out to see his reaction this year to see if i should buy i new one or not and he was totally okay with it! So it works out! It still fits both of them, so YAY!

And we now we have 13 days left until Halloween! The count down has begun! So much more i want to do! We, or I definitely want to do one more fall festival. Just get the kids out and play in the glorious weather and enjoy all the fun. I'm really looking forward to carving our pumpkin and making our Jack O' Lanterns (as Max says it. I think he learned it at school). This will be our first time! Max's first year, he was too young so we didn't do it. Then we went on a Asia trip year after, year after that we just got one of the ones you just stick the character into the pumpkin, then we went to Asia again. So now this year... i think it's a perfect time to do them! :)
And i'd love to go apple picking again! I think Max enjoyed it a lot last time we went.

What activities do you like to do during Fall?

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