Oh MAN. Last week was so crazy! I wanted to keep up with blogging but i was so worn out! 
So to update, last week i celebrated my 28th birthday with friends and family! Nothing special, just a nice dinner at a Korean restaurant...like every year~ 
I celebrated a few days early cause i had baby duty! My sister-in-law had a scheduled c-section a day before my birthday so i watched both Max and my niece Chloe! I thought it wouldn't be too much to handle since both of them aren't that bad....but BOY was i wrong!
I think Chloe sensed something is different. Cause she was so clingy~ she's usually not like that. But for some reason she always wanted to be held and cuddled to sleep. Doesn't sound bad, but after a couple day it gets tiring and you can't get stuff done. Plus Max got so jealous! I would have both of them standing in front of me screaming and crying and looking up at me to be held~
Max usually doesn't like being held, but when Chloe wants me to, or if she is already being held.. he wants it too. OY. Sometimes he would try to push her away. lol. It was cute at first but then it got difficult to deal with as the days past.
And to make it even harder on myself with two babies, i knew i didn't want to be stuck at home all the time and miss my mommy workouts and play dates, so i challenged myself to just go do it. 
Hubby was a big help in the mornings! He helped get them fed, dressed, and buckled in the car seat before heading out to work! 
By the last day, they started to get along and play with each other. I snuck up to get this shot cause i didn't want to ruin the moment for them..hehe!
Having both of them at the same time, for 3-4days.....SO TIRED.
For all the mamas with 2 or more kids...i salute you! whew! It is not easy! I don't know how you do it! But it definitely didn't get me to the point where i wouldn't want a 2nd! I actually liked having both of them, even tho it was mentally and physically draining.
And now~~ I'm a Auntie to two beautiful lil nieces! Welcome to the world, Ellie!

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