15 Months

Oh MAN. My lil guy is 15 months! Makes me sad cause i can't see anymore baby in him anymore. I just see this cute lil TODDLER! Seriously don't know how that happened. 
Today we went to his 15 month appointment.. He weighed in at 26lb 13oz and is 33inches tall! He grew an inch from his 12month check up and gained about 3lbs! He also got 2 shots. Boo. But he took it like a big boy!
He is now climbing on the couch and sliding off whenever he wants, he can step up on the side walk without holding on/crawling, he can now get down on the floor and crawl backwards towards the stairs (he used to just keep on walking towards them O.O), he still doesn't point, but if i take him to the fridge i ask him "where is the milk?"and he'll reach out for it! I even moved it around to make sure he knows what i'm asking him to look for. He loves when i yell out "shoes"! Cause he thinks we are gonna play outside, so he comes running and comes sit on my lap so i can put his shoes on..hehe! 
Lately he has been picky with food tho :T
He loves the food pouches but i'm trying to get him off of that. He'll eat chicken...as long as it's salty (ugh). And when we try to feed him, we put it in his mouth and then he'll spit it out in his hand. He tastes it, take a look at it, and decides if he wants to put it back in his mouth, or throw it on the floor. I need to find a way to trick or train him to eat without spitting it out. ugh. And eat regular food! It would be nice to just make one meal for everyone! If anyone has any advice, please share! :)
*sigh* i love my BIG boy!

Have a great weekend!

Hat- Target
Tank- H&M
Jean shirt- Zara (similar)
Shorts- JC Penny
Shoes- Converses

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