And summer begins...

Oh humid summer.. it's here. And i hope i survive it! I can't stand the heat! 
Today was a don'tfeellikedoinganything type of day. For some reason i woke up really early today.. so i was going to try to make the most of it since i'm up anyways~ but then as soon as i got ready i felt a little lazy. Haha. Fail. Instead i dragged myself and Max out the door close to noon to make a Costco stop! I went without my husband, so i was all over the warehouse! I actually got to look around! Usually it's just get what you need and get out. Bah. Hubby's a bore. I had fun looking at 'stuff' and Max enjoyed eating all the samples! LOL.

Anyways, i got my husband to buy Max a water table a few weeks ago, cause this boy LOVES water! If he could, he'd live in the bath tub. No lie... it's hard to get him out! So, today was a perfect day to get drenched! I was sweating as soon as i stepped out the door~

Oh, And i managed to actually use my camera! WooHoo! I really need to stop taking pics of Max on my phone -_-
Oh Max, i bet you'll be drenched all summer! Can't wait for more water table time, weekend by the pool, picnics, fire works, trips, and parks! :D

Let the summer fun begin!


  1. Oh my goodness he is absolutely adorable. My Little boys love water as well and i know they will be drenched in water all summer too
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  2. Your little boy is adorable! My parents have this same water table at their house and my little boy loves it!

  3. Oh my gosh, he's just too adorable!!

  4. These photos are beautiful. Also, they melt my heart. He is the cutest!


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