Happy Birthday, America!

We went to Downtown Annapolis for 4th of July. This is officially Max's 1st July 4th celebration! Last year Max's grandparents flew in from Myanmar on July 4th so we didn't get the chance to take him to see the firework... Max had lots of fun seeing all the cool cars driving in the parade (of course -_-).

We let him out of the stroller..he wanted to run around EVERYWHERE. So it was hard to take pics of him. *boo*
Then we went down near the dock to find our lil space to view the fireworks... And with our busy toddler, it was hard to keep him still. He didn't want to sit down for 2 sec! But this mama was prepared for it..hehe. He'll do anything for orange and grapes! So that is all he ate while we waited for darkness...
And when we ran out, the phone is always handy! haha.
My baby has finally witnessed his 1st fireworks! :)

Happy Birthday, America!

Max's outfit: Top- Zara Shorts: H&M (both on sale at stores now!) Shoes: Converse

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