Weekend Recap: Virginia

We went down south to Virginia over the weekend to visit my Mom, Step Dad, and Grandparents. And traveling with a toddler....AHHH! There was not enough snacks or entertainment to keep this guy happy! Not to mention driving down in traffic the WHOLE way down (and back)! Took us 2 hours longer to get to our destination, but we made it! Whew. But we had fun this weekend just hanging out at my Grandparent's house and eating yummy Korean food made by my Grandma (she's the best)!
We didn't get the chance to go down to Virginia Beach this trip, but we did get to go to Yorktown Beach! It was nice and small and pretty peaceful! And of course we are out during Max's nap time... I usually let him sleep when he naps but this weekend i had to wake him up so he didn't miss out on anything (sorry max)! I let Max nap for an hour and woke him up so he can play in the water~ So the first few pics are cranky pics from waking up..lol. He eventually warmed up and splashed, splashed, splashed! :)
Excuse the ugly pic of my face.. i was hot and walking and taking pics at the same time. lol.

We had an amazing time spending time with family and learning a few new recipe from my Grandma!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! :)


  1. I love this post! You guys are the perfect poster family! ;-)

  2. Such a beautiful family! jaden has the same swim shorts! :) do you guys live in the east coast?


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