I've been neglecting my blog...meh. I'm trying so hard to keep up with everything! My life seems to be getting busier and busier. Days go by faster. And BAM. There goes a month...just like that. Ack. But a lot has happened! 
A couple weeks ago my baby decided to FINALLY clap! In the beginning of the month he clapped randomly here and there for a few seconds.. and of course when i see it and pull out my phone to record it, he'd stop. Then out of no where, we come home from having dinner with a friend, we play for a few before bedtime..and i wanted to continue how to practice 'clapping',"1,2,3,Clap!" on repeat..and it happened~ he clapped on demand! O.O! I thought i was dreaming..cause i've been trying to get him to clap for the longest time~ and everytime i'd say "clap", he'd come and clap MY hands. But there it was..my baby clapped! Yea, he's 17 months and JUST started to clap..but hey, HE CLAPPED! I had such a proud mommy moment! It's probably one milestone i'll never forget! Shooot~ i can't even remember him taking his first steps....already! ugh. That part just happened way too quick. But this, this i will remember :) He even started doing peek-a-boo! It's so cute when he hides behind his cute lil hands..hehe. He's just really delayed in those areas. Not in motor skills tho...that, he's way ahead of. He still doesn't point or imitate OR talk yet so communicating is a lil difficult. Especially for Max since he can't tell me what he wants. We also went to a speech therapist to get him assessed. Hubs and i have been thinking he has autism, but our ped (and family friend) told us not to worry and was confident he doesn't have it. We have our very first session with the therapist on Thurs.! Hopefully this will help all of us and maybe i can learn a thing or two to guide my baby into learning and reaching his milestones his way. 
Oh! And Max's grandparents flew in from Burma a couple weeks ago so we've been pretty busy with them too! There has been LOTS of family time this month, which is really nice! 
Whew. Summer is flying by! I can't wait for Fall! I love seeing all the fall items starting to come out at stores! I could use some cool, crisp air too...mmmmm...sweater weather! ;D

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