-Currently i am in my office....working. I haven't actually worked down in my office in 2 years! Ever since i got pregnant and had Baby Max, I've been working near him with my laptop whenever i could get the chance. This week, my mom is here to take a load off me and help out a lil so i can get some work done! So~ So~~~ thankful for her help! Lord knows i could use it!
-I am also in my office listening to kpop on pandora...which got me to take selfies like a fob..haha ;D
-Coming up with ideas for Max's Christmas photos..and also for my mom's puppy and my sister's cats
-Wondering if i am REALLY ready for baby #2? I mean...i bought some a ovulation test today... and have been taking my prenatal vitamins just like how i planned and prepared for Max. But can i handle 2? Oy.
-Having some photographer's block...i guess technically i'm not working...cause i'm blogging too...lol.

Back to work for me.

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