So... i missed a whole month of blogging... BOO. The 1st of October we left to go on our first big trip! We went to Singapore for a few days and then to Myanmar for a couple weeks! It was an adventure! 2 different country and so different! Singapore was beautiful and CLEAN. And Myanmar was the total opposite. Dirty and dusty. But still a beautiful country to explore. One thing they had in common.. very humid! 
I had an awesome time there and wish i could share stories and pics but there are wayyyyy too many! I'm so happy to be back tho! We made it back right before Halloween! I knew i didn't want to miss out on that! And I finally got Max back on his regular sleeping schedule. Woohoo!
Back to reality! anddddd blogging! :)
*one of many pagodas we visited*

Shorts: BabyGap

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