21 month update and a day with Max

Hard to believe he is 21 months and soon he'll be 2?! He's definitely looking more and more like a big boy and the baby seems to be fading away. He's definitely understanding us more and trying to communicate his needs and wants. Still no talking but he sure does babble more! He does say a few words. "Umma" (mom in Korean), but i don't think he understands it yet. he just knows how to say it...lol. "Help"(sounds more like "hap"), he uses that word for everything...i think he kind of know what it means... he even comes up to me and grab my hand and takes me to whatever he wants help with. He recently learned to say "open". He says "oh" and then pen, it gets a lil lazy and he slurs it..at least he's trying! But one word he has down..."uh oh"! That's the only word that i know he knows the meaning to and says it correctly. It so cute when he says it. Probably won't be that cute when he gets older tho ;D

Max also likes to j u m p~! He's been trying for a few months now but he can actually lift himself off the floor now! Not that high yet~~he's still working on it :) Oh and last month he started putting the phone to his ear and yapping away~ he does that more and more now whenever he gets a hold of a toy phone or our cell. Oh yea. And he attached to me. Which is good and bad~ good cause i feel special..(muhehehe) and bad cause i can't get any work done or leave him with anyone. He even comes up to me look up at me and says "up" (op), so that i'll lift him up and hold him. <3 p="">

Oh Max, please stay little a little while longer! Don't grow up too fast! Mommy is not ready for it yet! :)
And out of all the toys, he choose to play with my felt balls that i haven't strung up yet. He likes to hide them in his drawer for some reason. lol. Just another fun day for Max~!

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