1st Prenatal Visit

I was suppose to write this post a couple days ago....the fatigue is hitting me HARD. I feel so drained, ALL THE TIME. Can't wait for 2nd trimester (already). I definitely need energy to keep up with Max. *yawn*
We went to my 1st prenatal appt. Tues. morning. We ended up w a i t i n g for about 1 1/2-2 hours to get examined and tested. Which sucks cause, you know.... impatient toddler~~ thankfully i brought enough snacks and gave him my phone to keep him quiet till i was finished. 
Long story short....it's official. We're pregnant! The doctor said so ;D 
Can't believe i'm doing it all over again. We are creating another life and bringing him/her into the world. Max is going to be a BIG brother. We are going to be responsible of taking care and loving TWO babies~ Which i can't imagine. Of course i love my baby i am carrying. But how do you learn to love two?! All the love and attention i give Max, how do you do that with another? How do i prepare Max for a sibling? He gets REALLY jealous when i'm holding another baby. Like angry jealous. Will i be able to run errands with two...by myself? Dah. I'm sure everything will work out in due time but my mind never shuts off.

And i'm 6 weeks along. Doc thinks i'm 5 weeks 3-4days? I'm getting my 1st ultrasound on Christmas eve so we'll be able to know for sure. So far i've been experiencing lots of fatigue, lots of bloat, already wearing some maternity clothes (ugh), going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, can't sleep through the night anymore, and increase in appetite! It's so out of control. I don't remember being SO freaking hungry in the 1st trimester with Max. I feel like i have the same appetite as i did in my 3rd tri. with Max. Just constantly hungry and i'm trying really hard not to go crazy and eat everything in sight. I'll eat a full meal and get  hungry again after 30 mins. MY GOD. Plus i haven't lost  most of my pregnancy weight from Max (yea..i was lazy and tired) and i'm gonna try not to gain more than 20-25 pound. Just for health reasons. OH and my stomach is itching like crazy! I'm going nuts and wanna rip my skin off~ -_- so yea. that's how my week is going so far~ fun fun ;P

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