It's December!  My goodness! This year is quickly almost coming to an end! And Christmas is coming!! I dread and look forward to it. I only dread it cause i don't work full time anymore so i don't make as much..so yea~ money is tight. But i look forward to it cause of the family bonding time. I just need to remind myself that stuff is just stuff. It's just the lil thoughtful things that count. Of course there will be presents but maybe not as elaborate~ My sister's and their boyfriend and hubs and I decided on doing a secret santa this year with a set budget~ So this should be interesting! ;D

I also freaked out today was the 1st of December..I had bunch of stuff planned to do later in the month for Max. I really wanted to do the advent calendar but didn't have enough time to get to making them :T He probably won't really know what it means anyways..right? I even read this to calm my ass down. I just need to remember to do less and just savor the moment with my baby boy. But i definitely want to take pics with Santa at the mall..I'm pretty sure he'll freak out this year.. Wanna walk at the Symphony of lights festival..instead of driving through, families walk around with their strollers and it's just so much more magical..even tho it is a lil cold~ We also want to visit 34th street (didn't get a chance to go last year cause the hubs wants to be lazy).. Residents on 34th street decorate their house and has been an attraction for 66 years! I have been wanting to go for so long! OHH and bake cookies!! :D 

And today we just spent the day at Max's cousin's house to play. We later went to Ikea, just because and left with stuff we weren't planning on buying..lol. It's so hard to resist! I freaking LOVE Ikea! But hey, at least it's useful. We bought a shelf and storage boxes to neatly hide Max's toys~ We have most of his toys in the living room and lately it's been driving us insane since Max is now dumping everything out instead of looking through the bin and picking a toy out... -_- It's just so nice to have the living room look like an adult space (wow~ i sound old). And from the looks of it, Max is enjoying the nice clean space too! Dahhh... silly boy.

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