First snow of the year

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas~~! Or at least for a lil while it did. I hate snow but i love how beautiful it is when the snow is falling and how it blankets the ground and lay on the leaves~ And of course, photo time!! Errrr.. i mean play time! Hehe. Max didn't know what to think of the snow. Didn't seem like a fan.. but we played and walked through the snow for a little bit. And this mama got some decent shot of her baby in the snow! ;D It's suppose to snow again today.. so more snow pics? errr.. i mean play time! weee~!
And this week i am 5 weeks pregnant! Nothing new. Same as last week...lots of cramping~ but nothing i can't handle. It just feel menstrual cramps here and there, throughout the day. Definitely feeling the fatigue.. but no time to sleep ;( I have some editing to get done, house to clean, toddler to entertain and feed and change and love...whew. Oh and cook for the hubs. The second time around is definitely different. I know i'm pregnant but i don't really notice or think about it much since Max keeps me busy. Can't believe i'll have my first prenatal appointment next week! And maybe even an ultrasound! So crazy! Maybe then this whole i'm pregnant, max is going to be a big brother, we're gonna be parents of two will set in a bit......OH MY GOD! 2 babies?! Oh Lord~~~ give me strength. LOL.

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