Max's 1st Birthday

My first choice was to do the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme but it's been done so many time, i see it everywhere, so i found some inspiration with a big monkey i had bought Max :D
Yea. Those balloons. It's suppose to spell 'MAX' and i really, REALLY wanted this one to be just right, but when i asked my sister to run to party city to get them blown up, she calls me with bad news and told me they popped my 'A' balloon. I was SO upset but had to let it go since i had other things to set up :T Plus they don't sell them in any stores so i had to order them, AND they came in the mail the day before the party! *sigh* It would of been so perfect! ack. 
Me, my mom, and BIRTHDAY BOY! :)
So happy my grandparents, Max's GREAT grandparents came and join the party! They drove 3 hours from down south VA with my mom and stepdad, just to stay about 2 1/2 hours! It really warmed my heart that they did that for Max :)
These pouches from Paper Nook were also part of my inspiration~ And it's reusable and personalized! :D
Caroline from Delightful Indulgence designed my cake just as i pictured it! She seriously did an amazing job AND it was delicious! It was so so good! I had to hide the top layer so i could do the cake smash with Max the next day. LOL. Everyone loved the cake! :D
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear MAX~~~ Happy Birthday to YOU!
Yay! Hope you do well in school, my lil baby Max!
And my almost perfect candy buffet. Wish i had more time to tuck away the extra fabric :T
So like everything else you plan and image in your head, of course never goes as planned or imaged. But it's my baby's 1st birthday! I did the best i could to get everything set up in time, with a few bumps, but that's okay. All that matters is Max is ONE and everyone enjoyed the food and had a great time at Max's birthday party! And my parents sucked it up for a few hours to stay in the same room together to celebrate, which i was very happy about! Like really, i couldn't of asked for more then to see that happen! I just wish we could of video tapped the whole day -_-
 Thank You ALL that made it and made my baby's day EXTRA special! :) And for all the cool toys and books!

She's so awesome! Go check out her work! :D


  1. Even though it may not have been what you imagined in your head, it was a fun, creative, and beautiful dohl. I'm serious! You're awesome!

  2. The pics turned out great! Twas a fun day im so glad to have been there to celebrate.. lol at the doljabi!! And he ran to me bc I was in front of him and got confused like "uhh you're not my mommy". Did I ever send you the doljabi video??


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