Weekend Unplugged

Do you remember a time when we never checked our phones the first thing in the morning? Do you remember when the only way to connect with the world was to just take a seat in front of your desk? Remember when you used to eat dinner without your cellphone on the table or in your face? Do you remember a time when your cellphone was used just to a make a phone call? 

It's crazy to think my lil Max will never know how that will be like. Everyone these days have cellphones and technology has made it so much easier to connect with our loved ones and connect with the world, it has made it easier to get answers to everything you need to know, and shop without ever leaving your house. We are always connected~ My phone is always with me! Mostly cause i'm kind of lazy to go run and get my camera, so i just grab my phone and take quick snaps of Max. Then if i want, i share it on facebook or instagram. Instant. Easy. But i've been telling myself i really need to be unplugged for a couple days... people are getting hooked! And for some people it is a real problem.

I just want a day or two when i don't grab my phone first thing in the morning, always checking in on friends, checking in with the world, checking for sales and bargains, and playing games that are SO addicting. So this weekend, i decided to unplug. And i gotta say, it was so refreshing! I didn't realize how much time i was really wasting on my phone! The day seemed longer and i got lots of things done.
It's pretty unavoidable to not be connected since i have to be connected and stay connected to get work, so i've decided i'm going to unplug during the weekends. 

It felt so nice not being glued to my phone for a couple days.
On Saturday we woke up and cleaned the house, went out to get lunch at chick-fil-a, costco run for milk, vacuumed and washed both the cars plus the stroller, mail lady dropped off recent zulily purchase, relaxed while hubby prepared dinner, and had our friends over to eat with us! We even had wine too! ;D
On Sunday we ate breakfast with my little sister and her boyfriend, visited my dad for quality Grandpa time, visited and played with cousin Chloe, took a nice walk to dunkin' donuts, watched some movies at home, quick walmart run, and drove back home with the sun still out at 6:30pm! So happy for daylight savings and longer days! It was a gorgeous weekend~ I am one happy girl! :D

How was your weekend?

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