Birthday Wish

Just a few things on my list *ahem* ;) A girl can dream...right? ;P

Oy. It's March. My birthday month! I used to look forward to it every year, but now it's just another day, another month, another year, just another birthday. I swear i just turned 21 yesterday!

I definitely feel older and wiser. lol.
This year.. for my birthday, i just want to spend more quality time with my family and friends. I just wanna cherish all the moments with the people that matters the most to me. 
I was thinking of going out to drink, but eh. I think i'll save that for my 30th! 
A nice dinner and chat over wine sounds so nice right now. Does that make me sound old? :P 
But one thing i'm looking forward to.... SPRING! :D


  1. There's nothing wrong witha nice dinner and wine! That sounds lovely and... relaxing. You totally deserve that!

  2. happy early bday!!! you'll love that wacom! i got one and it's fantabulous.=D and cute tape dispenser! i might just get one for myself! lol.


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