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It's August! I'm getting way too excited for fall time! And kind of sad time is flying by. And so much news on the 1st of August! But first... H&M finally has online shopping! What took so damn long?! H&M is one of my favorite places to shop for my little man. It's affordable and stylish! I've always had a hard time finding clothes for boys that i liked/wanted and it always seemed like the girls had all the cute clothes.. but as time went on, i think retailers got the clue (especially H&M)! But sometimes it's hard finding all the sizes and goodies you see online at the stores! So now i am super happy i can get all the stuff i want without going to the stores to find it! HEHE!
Here are few of our favorites/basic for fall time! You can mix & match for playtime and dress up! I definitely would get the 2pk of white tees, it goes with anything! All hipster babies needs a few beanie in their closet ;) plus it keeps their cute lil head warm. And a pair of cool hightops, and it's comfy too! And to finish it off, layer it up with a cool jean shirt! Or hoodie. :)
I usually put Max in leggings when we are at home since they are super comfy and he can run and play in them, but if we go out i'll put him in jeans or khakis (soft ones or jeggings) cause it's just fun dressing him up..but i make sure they are comfy and roomy enough for him to run in. Cause really, that's all he does....run -_- 

OH! And H&M sizes runs big! I would order a size down if you have no access to an H&M.

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  1. Shorts with casual shows create really fashionable look. I also bought many shorts and casual shoes for my sons. Hope to see some latest fashion for my son.


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